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Aiden O'Neil
Sun Jan 31, 2016 19:47

Aidenís midterm was full of Society parties and holiday shenanigans with some of his older cousins. His mother and father were being more uptight about things and it was starting to become an issue. Aiden was so used to being able to do as he pleased without much of a consequence, but lately, whenever he did something that might be frowned upon (which was usually something to do with him speaking out of turn around his grandparents or extended family), it was actually frowned upon! His parents said that he was coming to that age where he had to start acting properly. His Great Father on his Maternal side (the Mathersí current Heir) was beginning to watch him more closely. If he were to continue on as a representative of the name and Heir to their fortune (not as large as some families but being as it was just Aiden, his mother, and his Grandfather that had to split it, he could live comfortably for the majority of his life), Aiden had to start behaving. On top of that, within the next couple of years, they wanted to secure a betrothal in case Aiden wasnít successful on his own.


That was another issue entirely. Aiden thought that there were plenty of pretty girls at school and several were from good families, but he was certain that none of them looked at him that way. He had been overweight the first couple of years at Sonora (thankfully, the baby fat had melted off) and he didnít have the greatest of smiles (thankfully, his parents were getting that fixed for him over the summer), and he knew he wasnít very charming like his roommate or handsome the way some girls prefer (there was nothing he could do about any of that), so he was sort of at a loss as to how to comply to his great grandfather. It was all so confusing and he didnít really want the added pressure of that. He wasnít quite 15 yet!

Now was not the time to think about it though because they had the next challenge to deal with and Aiden had to be on his game. They werenít doing as well as he had hoped, but maybe they could ace this one! Aiden listened rather impatiently as Ms. Nicchi described the challenge ahead of them. It just sounded like a mix of a relay race and a treasure hunt. But, brooms were involved and Aiden enjoyed flying. Last year he helped Virginia Bellrose learn how to properly fly a broom. He was pretty sure she did it because her boyfriend was the Captain of the Pecari team, but he didnít really care for her reason. She was a pretty girl and she was grateful for his help.

After the instructions were given, Aiden felt a little downtrodden because he was the second to last team that would be going into the maze. He would have to wait ages for his turn in there! Chaslyn, or rather, Ms. Brockert, was the first to speak up. He wasnít surprised that she would want to stay on the ground. For some reason, proper ladies felt that flying was beneath them. Oh well, maybe she would do better at the hunt than the maze. ďIím a pretty good flyer.Ē Aiden said after a momentís pause. ďI can be in the first or third group and maybe take Wren or Theresa with me?Ē Aiden offered to Theodore.

  • Anxious (Team 14)Chaslyn Brockert, Sat Jan 30 11:42
    When Chaslyn had seen the results from the first Challenge, she'd felt a little like throwing up. Well, okay, actually she'd felt a lot like throwing up. They weren't first. It didn't even matter... more
    • Excited! — Aiden O'Neil, Sun Jan 31 19:47
      • Fed upTheodore Wolseithcrafte, Thu Feb 11 03:00
        Theodore was less than thrilled about their current ranking in the team challenges. He didnít really care about such things, but Francesca had won when she was here and, much as he loved her, he... more
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