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Diana Carey
But not silly about it
Sun Jan 31, 2016 21:46

Diana wanted desperately to frown as she approached the second challenge, but a lady did not show her emotions in public and especially did not show them when one of the ways they wanted to manifest was as a jinx directed straight at the director of the event she was at. She could have very easily gotten her hands on both proper attire and a broom, but there had not been time to have them sent to her from South Carolina, so she’d had to Charm one of her skirts into a pair of wide-legged shorts, an adaptation she could only hope was as sturdy as she thought it was, and turn up without a broom at all.

That last part was the most irritating, and not just because Brandon was acting like a goody-two-shoes Crotalus. A lot of people would have said that not having a broom was a perfectly ladylike thing to do, but not only did Diana just hate not having all the tools she might need to hand, she was also the first cousin of a reasonably famous Quidditch player, who was most likely still just a little bit more famous than usual at Sonora. It just seemed wrong that she of all people should not have that tool when she needed it. Almost like she was not representing the family properly.

She had consoled herself by matching her temporary shorts with a pretty pale pink blouse and spending a very long time on the arrangement of her brown curls – boys and people with straight hair would never know the effort it took to be just pinned up enough – but it hadn’t worked too well. She was still annoyed as she listened to Ms. Nicchi talk, and her temper was in no way helped by Angelique Brockert declaring herself, as far as Diana could tell, completely useless for anything but carrying the item while someone else watched her back and her front at the same time. Reasonably she knew it wasn’t the first year’s fault that she was only a first year, but when Diana didn’t have what she needed and could not even be completely sure her clothes were going to stay the right shape from minute to minute, reasoning with herself became even less fun than usual.

Diana bit her lip when Jake said he and Ginger should go together. “I can fly okay if I can get a broom before it’s our turn,” she said matter-of-factly. “If the rest of us are still in this spot when team one comes out, I can borrow one from one of you if I need to, or I can run down to the Pitch and find out if we're allowed to take them other places - " or possibly how good a thief Diana was without a Disillusionment Charm, though she chose not to mention that; it didn't seem appropriate for the ears of sweethearts like Jake and Ginger - "before it’s our turn if we’re not sure about that.” Diana had listened to the exact words the librarian used, which hadn’t been clear about that. She’d defer to the opinion of the group about that. “Being super quick in the either of the first rounds won’t help us, though, if the third team gets in a really sticky spot. Everyone needs at least one someone who’s good with Defense. I can do that for one of the teams.” Diana wasn’t as good as Brandon when they had practical classes with Professor Pye, but she thought she was at least decent. Defense skills were the kind her family strongly approved of everyone, girls and boys alike, making the effort to develop at school. Charms and Defense were the most important subjects to her family, followed closely by Potions.

  • Yeah, don't worry, be happy!Jake Manger, Sat Jan 30 05:37
    Midterm had been a strange time for Jake. Usually he loved going home, saddened only by the idea of leaving his second-home, Sonora, but this time, being home had only reminded him of the bad things... more
    • But not silly about it — Diana Carey, Sun Jan 31 21:46
      • Un-silliness it is then!Ginger, Thu Feb 11 18:42
        Ginger couldn't help a bit of a smile when Jake said they should be together. Diana didn't seem entirely convinced by the idea though, or at least, not by the position he'd chosen for them to take.... more
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