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Leonidas Bennett
Not candle ones now, though
Sun Jan 31, 2016 23:15

The time for his brother’s wedding was drawing nearer and nearer, and to listen to Leonidas’s mother talk, every day over the holidays might have been the day before it. It hadn’t been as bad for Leonidas as it had been for Paul and the girls, but he had still had to listen to it all and that had been before Nicole Bennett had insisted he undergo a whole set of fittings, even though they both knew they would just have to repeat the whole tedious process the next time he was at home. Someone who did not know the details was not someone Leo thought he’d consider unreasonable for getting the idea that Paul was marrying the sole heiress to the greatest fortune in the land, and what was worse, the family had never seen it coming. Their mother had not been nearly so excited about his sister Eliza’s wedding a few years ago….

Of course, Paul’s marriage did look like it was going to start off on a better foot than Eliza’s had. He was not in love with Arabella – Leonidas honestly couldn’t imagine his brother in love with anyone – but he got along with her and did at least consider her physically attractive. If he could just get along with Fabian Brockert better than he did with Bill Wilson once Fabian grew up, Leonidas thought his brother might make it work. Or at least he hoped Paul could do that now that the preparations were no longer ruining Leonidas’s own life. His thoughts had not been as charitable over the holidays, but that was all over now.

He tried to extend these charitable feelings to his challenge team. Fourth out of fifteen wasn’t bad, objectively, but he thought it would have felt a lot better if he had not been used to being in the first team. He was never first personally, but he was the guy who kept the guy who was first from getting his brains knocked in, so Leonidas did not feel any shame in claiming some credit for the Quidditch team’s success. His status as one of the oldest people on the team made him likewise feel at least half accountable for how Team Six did. Hearing that the second challenge required brooms was enough to elevate his mood for almost an entire morning, until he’d remembered that the sixes were only tied for fourth place with the twelves….

It had not really occurred to him during the first challenge, but now, he was in direct, real competition with Clark and it felt – there was no other word for it – weird. Usually, it was his job to prevent other people from beating Clark in any sense of that word, not to set out to do it himself outside of practice. He was so used to it now that he didn’t even think often about how backward it was for a member of society to act as the bodyguard for a non-member, as that was just part of Quidditch and Quidditch existed mostly outside the normal social structure.

Ms. Nicchi explained the rules and Leonidas felt almost traitorous as he considered how Clark was Bludger-shy on his own and might not do well without the knowledge that Leonidas was there to protect him. Team three would have problems with that, too, he expected; Leonidas had to smile thinly at the memory of chasing Park around the Pitch even as he felt a little sorry for John, who, as the only Beater on that team, was bound to get stuck being Park’s nanny. He didn’t envy Theodore his assignment, either, and poor Jack had gotten stuck with Oliver Ferguson, whose habit of being outshone by Clark reflected poorly on the whole social order….

Eleven and twelve, he decided, were the teams he was going to worry about, though four might put up a good fight, too. At the very least, though, Leonidas didn’t expect his team’s ranking to fall when the next set of results was posted, which he had to admit was a relief.

Miss Wu fidgeting with poorly-fitting clothes was not. “Most of us do play Quidditch, yes,” he said, looking around at the others. “Hm. Since our numbers are distributed well, it might be wise to pair up older and younger students,” he offered, indifferent to which group he got and thinking of the obstacles like a Seeker’s Beater. The younger students had had a lot of problems in the first challenge because of their lack of magical knowledge, like a Seeker without a bat, so an older student who was better with a wand would be useful. Admittedly, that did leave Peizhi, Fabian, or Ingrid with only a fourth year, but Leonidas guessed he thought highly enough of John to not consider that a huge problem with his scheme by itself. He trusted Ingrid was a strong flier, so if those two were paired for a flight mission, they might balance out.

  • Team six, pick up sticks.Wu Peizhi, Sun Jan 31 05:09
    Wu was glad to find how quickly she could readjust to Sonora. Each time it was a bit easier, a bit more of a relief as it became more home than her home was. No one here demanded much of her; there... more
    • Not candle ones now, though — Leonidas Bennett, Sun Jan 31 23:15
      • Who says a Pecari can't strategise?Liliana Bannister, Wed Feb 3 07:08
        Beating Theodore’s team was something that Liliana desperately wanted to do. Despite their truce of sorts that they had mutually called in some aspects of their lives, she was very aware that in... more
        • Not can't so much as can't be bothered toIngrid Wolseithcrafte, Tue Feb 9 02:57
          They weren’t quite winning, and winning was a thing Ingrid would be hard pushed to deny that she wanted and enjoyed. However, she was the first placed Wolseithcrafte and given that they had been told ... more
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