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Andrew Carey
I'm on board, too
Sun Jan 31, 2016 23:36

With his broom in one hand and his wand in the other, Andrew felt a lot more ready for the second challenge than he had for the first. The notice that had gone up on Monday had been vague, but it had said to bring his broom, which meant it had to involve flying. That was a lot more information than he felt had been shared before the first challenge, so he thought it would have made him feel better even if flying hadn’t been one of his strengths at school.

Since flying was one of his strengths, though, it was even better. He smiled cheerfully at the rest of team two – which really needed a better name – without any effort at all as he found them among the crowd of other students. One thing the first challenge had really had going for it, in retrospect, was the wide-open space of the Pitch. The entrance hall was big enough to hold everybody, but Andrew felt a lot more claustrophobic with the rest of the school milling around in it at the same time than he had when they had all been more spread out on the Pitch.

“Hi, guys,” he said, slipping into the ranks. “What do you think this one’s going to be? Something with the chandeliers in the Hall?” He used the end of his broom to point toward the doors of the Cascade Hall. He had never really thought about flying in there before, but now that he had, he had to admit that it sounded like a fun thing to do. It was possibly a suicidal one to do if too many groups packed in there at once, but it sounded more a fun thing to do. Maybe they would even get to do something with the waterfalls!

That idea went away when the librarian announced that the magic would happen behind the picture of the grumpy old pointskeeper. Andrew was a little worried by that, as it was hard to imagine Professor Mims being at all related to anything even remotely fun. That worry faded quickly, though, as the librarian started telling them about groups and obstacles and maps and –

- Well, Andrew couldn’t really keep track of it all, but it sounded a lot better than anything he had ever expected Professor Mims to be associated with. He wondered if the portrait resented the association now that it had happened. Merlin knew Mims never seemed to like anything else. He was living - or at least existing and talking - proof that spending too much time hunched over books of numbers was not good for anyone's brain, even someone whose brain didn't technically, Andrew thought, even exist anymore....

Arnold Manger kindly distracted him from wondering too much about how paintings thought. Andrew didn’t know if the head boy got special information privileges or if Arnold was just really good at coming up with a plan, but team two’s leader quickly presented a plan. Andrew nodded after Arnold presented his plan and Raine said she didn’t mind her assignment. “That’s fine with me, too, if it’s all right with you,” he said, looking at Savannah Brockert with a smile during the last part of his speech.

  • Two by twoRaine Collindale, Sun Jan 31 07:34
    Raine wanted to be enthused about the physical challenge. She was agile, had good balance, spent most of her time doing gymnastics. However, the instruction to bring brooms suggested that her regular ... more
    • I'm on board, too — Andrew Carey, Sun Jan 31 23:36
      • This is fine with me.Jax Donovan, Tue Feb 2 17:45
        Jax’s holiday at home had gone pretty well, all things considered. His last turn had been just a couple of days before he had to depart for home, so he didn’t have to deal with any of that back in... more
        • Such an agreeable bunchSavannah Brockert, Wed Feb 3 11:15
          As far as teams went, Savannah felt she was pretty lucky. Hers seemed to get along pretty decently which made things go a lot better in general. The fact that there were only two teams ranked ahead... more
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