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Emilia-Louise Scott
It's all decided.
Mon Feb 1, 2016 13:07

Emmy-Lou had enjoyed the first challenge but had not found the following results had to be quite so pleasing. She wasn’t all about making it a competition and only caring about winning or anything like that, thoroughly understanding and appreciating the value of teamwork, but Team Three was currently just a little too far down the scoreboard for her liking. She mostly had a pretty great team so was sure that challenge two was going to go a whole lot better for them. Although much more of a leader than a follower, Emmy was happy to let the team’s older student take the lead to a certain degree, provided he would listen to everyone’s individual ideas as she didn’t doubt he’d continue to do.

After listening intently to the Librarian explain the challenge to the entire student body, the young Aladren wasn’t exactly thrilled at what lay ahead. It was exciting to be in the Mirage Chamber but Emmy had also been rather anxious from the moment they’d been instructed to bring a broom (or borrow one from the school, as it was in her case). She was therefore quite relieved when it became apparent that not everyone would have to fly. Unfortunately, however, before she had the chance to state her preference Emery was already putting his plans forward. She wasn’t quite sure why he had to pick Lauren to partner him in the non-flying group but assumed this was either because she wasn’t very good in the air or it had just been a random pick that hadn’t worked in her favour.

The twelve year old was most certainly not known one to keep concerns to herself and she didn’t care who knew about her fear of heights but for some reason she chose not to step forward about it now. In the back of her mind, she knew that her team probably wouldn’t have had an issue with her making a request to stay on solid ground and would all understand but Emmy-Lou didn’t want her input to be of a remotely negative kind. Just because she didn’t like flying, it didn’t mean she was particularly bad at it. She was generally an athletic kid and had that control and agility that was need for good manoeuvring of a broom and since she’d never seen Lauren take an interest in it there was no reason to suggest Emmy wasn’t better at it. And they had been told that they couldn’t fly too high after all, so surely it wouldn’t be too bad, would it? The young blonde had a great sense of adventure and, flying aside, the first and third groups sounded like they were going to be the most fun, in her opinion, since they had the most action and she wanted to be right in the centre of all that.

“I’ll go in the third group with John.” Emmy-Lou piped up rather quickly when John Umland put his suggestion forward. She directed the proposition at Emery but slid a glance John’s way, hoping her eagerness hadn’t given the wrong impression, and gave a little half-smile in the hope that he wouldn’t dislike the idea of partnering with her too much. John definitely had his interesting qualities but the main reason for her decision to go in his group was because she didn’t want to be with Jamie Park, who was a rather obnoxious boy as far as she was concerned and therefore a much less appealing option. Emmy was aware that she should probably give Jamie the benefit of the doubt but his performance during the first challenge hadn’t been one that inspired much confidence. It was probably best to go with someone she felt more secure with considering she may have to overcome her fear during the day’s challenge.She and John may have also had their differences and he certainly didn’t symbolize security for her either but it wasn’t like she was going to need her hand holding the whole way around the maze or anything. Emmy-Lou did have an inkling that rather rubbed him up the wrong way, ever since their first meeting last year but surely they could let go of that suspicion-filled conversation now that the Satori had been exposed?

The biggest downside to being in the third group was that she’d have to go last and the anticipation could well kill her but at least that meant she could be fully involved in the planning stages. Only now it came down to it, she wasn’t sure if you could really plan for the unknown that they’d have to tackle in the maze. “Is there any planning we can do for this?” Emmy voiced her thoughts aloud. She hoped she wouldn’t be shot down by one of her teammates for asking such a question because try as she might, she honestly couldn’t think of how they could plan for the task in hand much more than divide into pairs as instructed which they seemed to have pretty much sorted.

  • I'm amenable.John Umland, Wed Jan 27 16:16
    Water, Earth, Fire, Air: the corruptible classical elements, and items which lived together about as harmoniously as Team Three. Air dried water and could, if the proportions were right, snuff out... more
    • It's all decided. — Emilia-Louise Scott, Mon Feb 1 13:07
      • ...It is?John Umland, Wed Feb 10 18:39
        ”I’ll go in the third group with John,” a voice piped up at once. It was not the one John had expected. Arthur Leithan probably had no reason to think too highly of his roommate's brother (somehow,... more
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