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Abigail De La Garza
Simply making a suggestion.
Mon Feb 1, 2016 16:06

The thing about the challenges was that they essentially forced students to work together and with people they might not otherwise get the chance to mix with so Abigail De La Garza was in her element, or as far as the teamwork part went. The last problem-solving task had certainly not been her forte so she could only hope this one might go a little better for her. Abby’s team weren’t doing too badly in the rankings and she really wanted to contribute fully to their progress.

Abby arrived at the Mirage Chamber with her Varela Escobas broom in hand. She didn’t use her broom much at school since they didn’t have flying lessons in second year and it flyinf had never been a hobby of hers, but she brought it anyway so that her father might at least think she used it, which she knew would make him happy, and not only because it was his company that actually made the Spanish brooms. The plump Teppenpaw girl only hoped that the challenge wouldn’t involve any high level flying skills. She was more than competent with the basics of flying but anything more than that she just wasn’t interested in taking the time to perfect. Great speeds were not her thing either, hence she did not have a racing broom.

It seemed she need not have worried, however, as the Librarian explained the whole process of challenge two. It sounded quite complex, with every group splitting up into three, but Abby thought she just about got the gist of it. This second challenge was definitely going to be fun but there were parts to it that sounded somewhat scary - traps, hexes and creatures?

The second year waited for Ava Fletcher to take charge, not having any particular preference as to which group she went in. The second group intrigued her, admittedly partly because it didn’t involve potentially dangerous obstacles but also because she valued creativity very highly. It was the first year Nevaeh Reed who spoke first, however, and Abby listened despite the suggestion not being directed at her.

“You should ride with Liac if we’re going to do that,” Abigail spoke out. She was rather surprised by herself for being so bold but her next sentence gave indication as to what exactly made her act so out of character. “He is Quidditch Captain after all so he’s more skilled on a broom.” She threw Liac Reinhardt an admiring look which instantly made her blush. She hadn’t said that just because…? No, she’d said it because as far as Abby was aware, Ava Fletcher had never shown any particular skill on a broom so it was only logical to point out that Liac would probably be able to handle flying with a passenger better. It didn’t mean anything. She could only hope the rest of the team would see her point as a reasonable one. Abby most certainly didn’t mean to call the younger girl out, especially since Nevaeh had specifically said she’d prefer to go with Ava. Just because Abby would jump at the chance to partner up with Liac it didn’t mean that everyone would feel confident doing so.

“I can be in one of the flying groups too,” Abby hurried, realizing that she might just have scuppered any chances of pairing into the same group as the handsome Teppenpaw Quidditch Captain. She brandished her broom briefly and added rather shyly for fear of not sounding modest enough, “I know what I’m doing.” Even if she didn’t end up with Liac, she really didn’t mind - she’d be happy with any of her teammates.

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    • Simply making a suggestion. — Abigail De La Garza, Mon Feb 1 16:06
      • A good one at that.Serena Brockert, Tue Feb 2 14:46
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