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Serena Brockert
A good one at that.
Tue Feb 2, 2016 14:46

Serena's midterm had been amazing. Better than amazing. The kind of amazing that went beyond amazing and that she had no words for. That kind of amazing.

Now though, she was back at school. Back to angst over Transfiguration and the Challenges. They were doing okay, but not great. Her brother, the twins and Duncan were all beating her team but she really didn't mind that much. The Challenges weren't really something that mattered to her, the way they did to Tristan and Chaslyn.(Or more accurately, Aunt Jillian who was determined that her daughters always be the best and expected way more than was humanly possible. She couldn't really fault Amity for wanting nothing to do with her.)

What did matter, what she did mind, was the nature of the next challenge. The mere mention of brooms filled Serena with dread. She'd never liked flying at all, having nothing but a thin piece of wood beneath her for support. Not to mention she tended to get motion sickness. Throwing up all over the place wasn't something that really befit either a Brockert or a future princess. Also, it was gross.

Besides, what about Nevaeh? She'd gotten the impression the first year did not want to fly due to her disability. Serena assumed that it was even harder for someone who was blind than it would be for her.

Her heart only sank further when she found what precisely they were going to do. Flying through the maze also seemed like it was going to incorporate Defense Against the Dark Arts. Serena had always hated that class, hence dropping it after CATS. Which she hadn't even done that well on. She was an incredibly skittish person and didn't do well in high pressure situations like when there was something potentially dangerous around. That combined with flying would surely be a disaster for her.

However, the ground option sounded good. She could obviously do magic and she was about to suggest that she and Nevaeh take that option when the younger girl spoke up.

“Ava? I...I think I have an idea.You know I’d rather keep my feet on the ground, but I don’t know how I could be much help that way. I’d probably just be taking the spot of somebody who could do more. So I thought… well, they didn’t say everybody had to ride on their own broom, so I think the best way to go about this would be, um… if I just ride on the back of somebody else’s. And I’d feel best if I could ride with you.”

Serena blinked in surprise. She hadn't expected that but she supposed Nevaeh had a point. After all who would know better than Nevaeh herself what she was comfortable with? The sixth year couldn't help but feel bad for the Aladren though. This whole event was unfair to her.

Abby's suggestion seemed like a reasonable one, as Liac was bound to be the best flyer of them all and he was such a nice person too. "I think that's a good idea. I mean Nevaeh riding with Liac" Serena agreed. "I would like to be on the ground myself. I'm not too good on a broom or at Defense, which sounds like it's also going to be a factor." She thought Ava might still be taking it and Kyte was bound to want to fly as he'd suggested flying and even went so far as to open the broom shed the last time around.

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    • A good one at that. — Serena Brockert, Tue Feb 2 14:46
      • In one hundred percent agreement.Ava Fletcher, Wed Feb 3 06:16
        When little Nevaeh Reed suggested she ride on the back of Ava’s broomstick, the seventh year blanched. The idea was quite sickening. She could just see the disaster that lay ahead for all of them if... more
        • Fight or flightKyte, Wed Feb 10 04:46
          Midterm had been the best, being back home where he felt he belonged, and doing Christmas shows - luckily these tended to be old familiar favourites, and still being little their parts weren’t too... more
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