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Natalie Varth, Tepp
It could be
Tue Feb 2, 2016 16:30

Perhaps it was being unable to try out for Quidditch this year, or not being confident in being able to use enchantments properly to ward off the unknown in this new challenge, but most likely it was this upper classman that was the cause for her irritability. These challenges stunk. She didn’t often feel like this, but she didn’t like having no control over team situations and this Alistair seemed quite pompous, stating things instead of asking. Wasn’t it important to make things fun for your fellow team members? Sure, Natalie loved winning, but she loved winning with her team and all of them having fun.

She was definitely not having fun. Alistair gave a pretty upperclassman a winning smile, one that Nat found a little revolting, and she refrained from scrunching her face in disgust. Flirting was gross. She also refrained from speaking up, being willing to do whatever other people didn’t want to do, and saying that she’d like to be on a flying part. Apparently winning was more important than fun, so being an amateur at flying she supposed it might be better for her team’s chances if she were in fact on the ground. Wherever she wound up she’d be fine. Except in part three but Alistair seemed to prefer other teammates over the younger students here. This seemed absurd because he was obviously not the oldest here.

Natalie wished, not for the first time, that she’d had a Teppenpaw in her team. Her team had two Pecaris and two Crotalus, perfect for planning, taking charge, and ready for surprises. The Aladren, Emrys Lucan, was a prefect so he was probably good to have as a teammate. Again, though, it wasn’t fun. She couldn’t talk to anyone, this wasn’t a social event, and even though she was used to sport teams she wasn’t used to the magical component. Had she been she might’ve been more like Alistair and taken charge too. She doubted she’d have made it seem so uninviting, though.

She decided it was best to wait until everyone decided what they were going to do themselves, and waited for Kelsey’s reply to Alistair’s question, and then listen to the upperclassmen Alistair looked at before she’d speak up.

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    • It could be — Natalie Varth, Tepp, Tue Feb 2 16:30
      • It all depends on how we divide and...Emrys Lucan, Wed Feb 3 03:54
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