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Jax Donovan
This is fine with me.
Tue Feb 2, 2016 17:45

Jaxís holiday at home had gone pretty well, all things considered. His last turn had been just a couple of days before he had to depart for home, so he didnít have to deal with any of that back in Seattle. He spent as much time with his coach as his mother would allow (which was basically only while she was working) and the rest of his time was spent with his family or doing his school work. Gia seemed upset about his time with his coach, but she didnít seem to understand that he was getting stronger so that he could protect her and their mother. Some day, she would appreciate his dedication.

When he returned to school, he noticed the absence of the blonde, Chloe, who had been a companion in the MARS sports room with him on most occasions. He had admired her persistence in her routine more and more as time went on within the shared room. Jax found himself silently competing with her whenever he was doing rounds in the ring or against the bag. She had been a fast learner, so she had easily matched his pace and it had aggravated him to no end. But her presence was enough to encourage him to keep going, even if she was completely unaware of his silent competition. He wanted to keep going because she was still going. She would go until she collapsed on the ground and needed his help to stand up and walk again. He wanted that sort of strength. But it wasnít long before she returned and he was back to competing silently with her.

It wasnít long into the new term that they had to complete another team challenge. The notice said to bring a broom (Jax didnít have one, but assumed the school would provide one if needed) and to wear active clothes (he had plenty of those) but it didnít really give up detail other than that. He complied with the clothing and met his sister in the library to walk to the hall together. Being almost a full year older than his sister and most of their friends, Jax felt a bit like an outsider amongst a group of people he was most comfortable with. It was strange since he took class with most of them, but he should have been a fourth year rather than a third. He was already dealing with voice changing and growing spurts, making him taller, broader, and semi-deeper range of voice, so he felt a little weird walking around with twelve and thirteen year olds. He knew it upset Gia when he didnít spend as much time with her or with their friends, but he was the odd man out and he was beginning to realize that as time went on.

Seeing the frown on Giaís face, Jax, dropped his hand on her head to get her attention. They had reached the hall and everyone was milling about with their groups. With a smile and a shake of her head, Jax left her to join his group. Jax gave a head bob of a greeting to Andrew, who starting asking thoughts on the challenge, but offered no thoughts of his own regarding it. He didnít think one way or another about his group. They were all okay and none of them seemed necessary aggressive, so that was always a bonus. He still worried about Gia being with Barnaby, but he didnít think his roommate would do anything to her whereas, he might go at Jax until he snapped.

Jax gave a head bob of a greeting to Andrew, who starting asking thoughts on the challenge, but offered no thoughts of his own regarding it. This challenge had much more involved with it than the last one simply because there were three separate challenges with different goals that all had to intertwine. He didnít really care what group he was in or who he worked with. Although he wasnít the best flyer, he could at least manage to stay on the broom and deal with a maze. It was the obstacles that were more of a threat, but his defensive spells were decent enough that he thought he could manage that. As for the second group, the ground group, he wasnít really sure how he would go about actually finding hidden items, but he was sure there were spells he could think of if he had to when the time came.

Lecture done, Jax turned his attention from the Librarian to the Head Boy as he named the groups he thought would work best together. On impulse, Jax looked at Raine to see her reaction to working with him but as she did not indicate anything, he figured she was okay with it. Jax only knew the girl from their extra class and from the challenges. She was quieter than her brother and he was often reminded of Peizhi when he was around her. That was probably the main reason why he sort a little obligated to look out for her. Deciding the ground option was best then for the two of them, Jax gave no objection to his group or the person he was partnered with. ďIím fine with the choices.Ē He stated, giving Raine a polite curve of his lips in a smile.

  • I'm on board, tooAndrew Carey, Sun Jan 31 23:36
    With his broom in one hand and his wand in the other, Andrew felt a lot more ready for the second challenge than he had for the first. The notice that had gone up on Monday had been vague, but it had ... more
    • This is fine with me. — Jax Donovan, Tue Feb 2 17:45
      • Such an agreeable bunchSavannah Brockert, Wed Feb 3 11:15
        As far as teams went, Savannah felt she was pretty lucky. Hers seemed to get along pretty decently which made things go a lot better in general. The fact that there were only two teams ranked ahead... more
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