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Gabe Valenti - Team Twelve
Follow the butterflies
Wed Feb 3, 2016 00:58

One thing Gabe knew for sure was that being a wizard wasn’t very easy. Two scorch marks on his pewter cauldron sitting by his bed in Teppenpaw house were clear proof of that. He’d been the cause of three classroom explosions just since spring semester had started, which students from all four houses had seen.

But five days a week, Gabe rose above all that - quite literally - as he found his way to the Pitch and up in the air on his broom after school. The Cleansweep Sixes that he’d learned on at school had taught him well, and he was sure that he and Nat would be among the seven starting flyers for Teppenpaw Quidditch come next year. Practicing spirals and double eights in the sky was beginning to feel as natural to him as breathing, although just nine months earlier he hadn’t even known he was a wizard at all. He tightened his dark gray flying gloves around ten pudgy fingers as he waited his turn. Soon it would finally be the eleven year-old’s chance to take his shot.

The librarian called team twelve.

Bouncing up from his seat on the ground, he grabbed white ski goggles from his pocket and slid them over his eyes. Maybe next Christmas he would get real flying goggles, but for now he didn’t mind, the goggles reminded him of home. His stomach was filled with butterflies, not the nervous kind, more filled with excitement and anticipation. It was like going up a ski lift, and seeing the mountain below you. It was like going right up to the edge of the mountain, and looking down. He loved the idea of a new physical challenge. Plus on a broom, he could go even faster, turn even sharper than he ever could on plain old skis.

“Ready?” he looked up at Clark, not bothering to hide his excitement from his older teammate. It would be so cool to fly with an older student, maybe Gabe would learn something new. Given his general ability with spellwork, the first year figured he had three options. He could rely on his speed, rely on his partner, or just rely on the inevitable truth that if he pointed his wand at something, it would probably explode.

Broom in his right hand, wand in his left, he walked passed the portrait in Cascade Hall and into the Mirage Chamber. It was pitch black when he entered, he couldn’t see a thing. Well then, maybe he would have to do a little spellwork after all.

“Lumos!” he exclaimed, and a bright scarlet light emanated from his wand. It worked - amazing! He was always slightly surprised when spells went his way. In the red light, he saw a small, oval room, with nothing but a black dragon leather skinned trunk in the center. The map that he and Clark needed to get through the maze sat on top.

The map! Lucky thing it was just sitting right there for him to take. Feeling confident from successfully lighting his wand just a moment ago, he put the wand in the pocket of his basketball shorts, quickly darted forward, grabbed the map and -

He was midair. Suddenly the first year felt weightless, only, he wasn’t on his broom, his broom was in his hand, the floor was mysteriously missing. Who knew where that trunk had gone. There were many small creatures fluttering all about him, they seemed red in the light from his wand, and soon he was falling, falling…

“Argh!” he grunted as he threw the right side of his body over the broom, left hand still holding tightly to the map, now slightly crumpled. With all his might, he thrusted himself on top of the broom and began to get his bearings in the maze. He laughed a bit to himself, the floor and walls had been transfigured into butterflies. Plain old, normal, non-magic butterflies. Were they real, or were they sugared butterfly wings? He blinked several times to rid the idea from his head. Now was not the time to think with his stomach.

“Sorry ‘bout that,” he smiled sheepishly at Clark, flying towards the older boy to hand him the map, “You okay?”

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    • Follow the butterflies — Gabe Valenti - Team Twelve, Wed Feb 3 00:58
      • Following!Clark Dill, Mon Feb 8 14:45
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