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Laila Kennedy
Oh no, go ahead, do your male thing, don't worry about me.
Wed Feb 3, 2016 03:19

Laila did not like Oliver Ferguson. At all. Which kind of astonished her because she really hadn’t felt this sort of dislike towards someone…well, ever. But what frustrated her more than anything was that in addition to being a particularly nasty person, he was also rather good looking. These looks were not what had kept her biting her tongue the last time they had interacted, during the last challenge, however. Something inside her had flared up, she had wanted to say something equally as mean back. She had wanted to let her voice drip with condensation, she had wanted to make him feel as small as humanely possible, like how he had made her feel for a hot minute. This realization that she had such a big desire to be mean shocked Laila and she had needed to take a moment, keeping her retort of “Well, he should have phrased it better then,” to herself since poor Jack Spencer didn’t deserve to be included in her attack.

After that, she had kept relatively silent, always listening to what the others told her to do in an almost robotic fashion, but making sure that when Oliver asked her to do something that she always did it just slightly differently. She knew that wasn’t completely turning the other cheek as God would have wanted her to do, but Laila had just felt so awfully small when he spoke to her that she’d felt the need to at least fight back a little, even if it was in a rather passive-aggressive manner. If only Mamma had been able to see her…the stern woman surely would not have been proud. Never mind that shortly afterwards Arne had encountered her in the Gardens, searching for Mr. Xavier blindly in order to meet him to garden, and had asked her what was wrong, resulting in Laila nearly breaking down and crying and not making it to the gardening session at all.

And now, he was trying to take away the one person on the team she felt comfortable with. It was true that Dustin had not acted in that shining knight manner to stand up for her against Oliver, but she thought she had seen a reassuring smile from him, and that was better than nothing, so she supposed that meant they were still on friendly terms and he didn’t think she was as idiotic as Oliver clearly did. It was entirely possible, too, that no one else had heard the way in which Oliver had spoken, that perhaps she had just taken offense too easily, two things that she had thought of later that night as she tried to fall asleep, still fretting over the events of challenge one.

This time around, however, his empirical voice (though it did not yet hold any disdain) put her on edge and so she was getting prepared to ask him what he thought she ought to do then, seeing as she had next to no experience on a broom (though she would never admit to him her slight fear of heights), when Dustin asked her for her opinion. She had two options in that moment. She could either lie and say that she was fine on a broom, thanks for asking—something that might be considered a little rude since Dustin had never done anything of offense to her, but would likely excuse her from having to work with Oliver and would also shove it in the rude, older boy’s face that she wasn’t some idiotic little girl. Her other option, of course, would be to answer Dustin honestly that she had passed flying lessons by some miracle of fate, that while she was perfectly stable on a broom, she actually didn’t care for heights that much and so the idea of dodging obstacles while however many feet up in the air made her sick to her stomach.

“I’m fine,” she lied, wondering just when she had become this comfortable not telling the truth, the thought allowing a small red flush to rise in her cheeks. She accompanied this with a little smile so that the others wouldn’t catch her in the lie, so that they might think it was a side effect of her smile or that she was pleased someone had taken her feelings on the matter into account. “If what's best for the team means I have to fly then I’ll fly.” Her tone only held a small hint of malice, barely noticeable to anyone who didn’t know her well, whose only impression of Laila so far was a quiet, obedient muggleborn. But her brother would have picked up on it, and maybe Katy Lomer since it was the same tone of voice she’d used when casually dismissing Harvey Mills’ invitation to have ice cream (because really did he think she’d go out for ice cream with him in December after his brother had crushed her heart?)

  • Okay, but...Dustin Newell, Sun Jan 31 14:44
    Dustin surveyed the Mirage Chamber with a touch of hesitation. While competition of this nature was not really his thing, he felt inclined to perform well in these challenges, but physical activity... more
    • Oh no, go ahead, do your male thing, don't worry about me. — Laila Kennedy, Wed Feb 3 03:19
      • I'm just here for the competition.Jack Spencer, Wed Feb 10 13:19
        Jack was thoroughly enjoying the challenges. Though he considered himself an academic of sorts, he also loved being physically active and taking part in competitions. It was strange to him, however,... more
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