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Emrys Lucan
It all depends on how we divide and...
Wed Feb 3, 2016 03:54

The more Emrys hung around his sister’s friends, the more and more worried he got for her. It wasn’t that he didn’t think they treated her well—on the contrary, he was very aware that his sister had good relationships with each of the three people that made up her inner circle. But he really didn’t like the pompous tone of Alistair Johnson and he especially didn’t like that it was him who Caelia seemed to have picked to help her out with her schoolwork once Emrys himself graduated. However, he bit his tongue, waiting for the twelve year old (or was he thirteen now? Emrys wasn’t sure) to finish. It was kind of smarmy behavior, Emrys thought as he took into consideration the way Alistair was smiling at Caelia’s roommate and best friend, though he was glad it wasn’t directed at his sister. He didn’t quite know what he would do if he found out someone was behaving that was with his perfectly innocent, rather naive little sister.

“I think that’s a good idea for you to carry the item, Alistair,” Emrys began in his careful, considering manner. It made sense too, since Alistair was had the most experience carrying things on brooms, and the Teppalus team had come rather close to winning a few times, but he still wasn’t an Aladren champion like some of the other teams had and Emrys worried about sending two third years together on the last leg of the course if they had to defend themselves against things. It made much more sense for Alistair and himself (or preferably Lionel Layne) to go together. Yes, Alistair and Lionel would work much better and then he could go with the first year, it seemed safer that way, more responsible.

He looked around the team, thinking about what roles they all ought to fill the best. He vaguely recalled Joey Thompson making the Pecari Quidditch team last year which probably meant he was rather decent on a broom. However, he had to take into consideration something else—if Kelsey did not want to fly then Emrys would not make her fly, which meant that he was sending Natalie either with a second year or a third year. It seemed, he was quickly realizing, that no matter how their team was divided, they would have an imbalance of talent, and Emrys wasn’t about to send two underclassmen alone into a maze where they had to deal with obstacles, especially since the younger two were muggleborns and therefore had less experience in the magical world.

“We can divide the team up into a couple different ways, I think,” he continued, making sure each member was listening. “I want everyone to be comfortable with their group’s task, so I do want to hear input. The way I see it Lionel and I can be put with Joey and Natalie, to balance out the number of spells that we know so that we’re not sending either of them into the lion’s den, this would mean then that our item is being defended by Kelsey while Alistair flies back with it. We could also send Lionel with Alistair so that we have a sixth year defending while I stay with Natalie and then that leaves Joey and Kelsey together. But Joey was on the Pecari Quidditch team last year and I don’t know if you want to fly or not, Kelsey, so that’s up to you.”

It was, too. He knew for a fact that his little sister likely would not be pleased with the idea of having to be on a broom and since Kelsey was her best friend he was inclined to believe that she felt the same way. He glanced in the first year’s direction and that finalized what group he thought he ought to be in. “Either way,” he concluded. “I really ought to be with Natalie if that’s alright with you,” he smiled kindly in her direction. Her blonde hair and the quiet way she was letting the others talk reminded him slightly of Caelia—when his little sister was feeling shy, that was…

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    • It all depends on how we divide and... — Emrys Lucan, Wed Feb 3 03:54
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