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Ava Fletcher
In one hundred percent agreement.
Wed Feb 3, 2016 06:16

When little Nevaeh Reed suggested she ride on the back of Ava’s broomstick, the seventh year blanched. The idea was quite sickening. She could just see the disaster that lay ahead for all of them if that were to occur. Ava had never been one for sports or athletics. When she had started Sonora, she had been happy to keep both feet on the ground as much as possible and her first flying lesson still flashed before her eyes as she remembered how T.L. had crashed into her, how he’d then left her on her own to deal with her balance issues. She closed her eyes briefly, trying to keep that particular memory from resurfacing. Though she had a nice group of friends now, it was sometimes sad for her to think of the friends she might have had—innocent, little T.L. who had left after that first year, adorably funny Dimitri who had once been her best friend…

She was about to tell Nevaeh that them on the same broom was a bad idea when Abigail De La Garza spoke up and Serena Brockert seconded the idea. “Yes, I agree,” she said, feeling bad that she had to tell the younger girl no. “But I really am truly awful with a broom. I could barely keep myself upright on the ground until I was thirteen,” she admitted, thinking of her more clumsy days with shame. She had a better handle on her balance now and had forced herself to pass Flying Lessons since she didn’t want to fail even her most miserable class, but she just had a feeling that if she were put into the air with someone else on her broomstick even her meager flying abilities wouldn’t save them from utter catastrophe.

But Liac was only a fourth year. The idea of putting a blind first year on the back of a fourth year’s broom did not appeal to Ava at all. Abigail, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about riding. Obviously Liac enjoyed it, and one would have to be absolutely crazy to think that Kyte disliked riding, especially after the way he had leapt to ride in the last challenge. Ava didn’t let it show, but she was very nervous for this challenge. It seemed that their group had more handicaps than others—about half of their team couldn’t fly, and they had one member who would have a difficult time with either portion. She wanted to scream and pull her hair out or something, but she didn’t because she was supposed to be the team leader.

And, as a leader, that meant she could not assign herself the best parts. Papa had always told her that a true leader took the worst, left-over bits. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t a leader by choice, she was the oldest and therefore, by default, had to let the younger members of their group choose what they wanted to do first. “So, Abigail wants to fly,” she looked to the two boys, both of whom had demonstrated an eagerness to fly in the past whether that be as co-Captain of a Quidditch team or jail breaking a set of school brooms in the first task. “I’m assuming you two want to as well?” She waited for confirmation before moving on.

“Serena doesn’t and Nevaeh, you want to be on someone else’s broom? Would you be okay with riding on Liac’s?” She was hesitant to let this happen, but she wasn’t about to put Nevaeh on her broom as she didn’t want to kill the poor girl, and she wasn’t putting two first years on the same broom either. Liac seemed to be the only option as by nominating him instead of herself, Abigail had ruled herself out for sharing—which Ava was fine with since ‘I know what I’m doing’ wasn’t as consoling as a fourteen year old Quidditch Captain. “That puts Abigail and Kyte together and then Serena and I on the ground but…” Ava trailed off, worried again. She was decent at Defense, having taken it all the way through her seventh year, but were Kyte and Abigail? She didn’t know.

“Spell wise, is this the strongest arrangement?” As the first team to start the challenges, they didn’t have a lot of time to make a decision. They had to split up quickly and go. “If this is what we’re going to do then I want Liac and Nevaeh to go first. Two people on one broom plus our object is just a recipe for disaster.”

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