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Liliana Bannister
Who says a Pecari can't strategise?
Wed Feb 3, 2016 07:08

Beating Theodore’s team was something that Liliana desperately wanted to do. Despite their truce of sorts that they had mutually called in some aspects of their lives, she was very aware that in other aspects they were still very much at odds. She had only been worried for a short amount of time that Ingrid would not be interested in so soundly crushing her brother’s team (after all, having lost at Quidditch to them through no fault of her own but simply because the Aladren team had a better Seeker, she did have a score to even) but the youngest Wolseithcrafte had quickly assuaged those worries when during the previous challenge she assured Liliana in, quite frankly, a completely adorable way that they would destroy (so perhaps Liliana had altered her word choice a little) the competition (but especially Theodore).

And now, as she looked around her team for the second challenge she was excited. Two Quidditch Captains, a Seeker, and a Chaser. It boded well for them. Looking at Peizhi in her over-sized clothes, however, was a bit worrying. As she looked around at their team members she wondered the same thing that Peizhi asked. They did have to play to their strengths, which meant that as the most experienced flyers she and Leonidas should be separated and each take one of the younger flyers with them. She and Ingrid being on the same team made sense for them to be paired since they were used to flying together. This would mean that Fabian and Peizhi stayed on the ground. Her brain was thinking quickly. They had a little bit of time since they would be the sixth team to go but she was sure that the time would pass quickly.

Luckily they had no first years, she thought to herself as she mentally went over all the possible pairings. Three second years, one fourth year and two sixth years wasn’t too bad though if they broke off in terms of best fliers then there would be two second years stuck doing the ground portion together. “If we pair older students up with younger students then we won’t be utilizing all of our strongest fliers, but what was that Nicchi said earlier about the ground part? Did anyone hear any mention of anything else the ground group has to do other than navigate a map?” If it was just walking around a maze with a map then she was sure that the second years could handle it. Peizhi had already volunteered for that and Fabian was a nice enough kid she was certain that there would be no conflict there.

“Leonidas is a Beater,” she said absentmindedly. “Shinohara is a Seeker, those are usually paired together… Task one is to find a door, that’s perfect for a Seeker. Ingrid is a Chaser, Chasers hold objects, okay, perfect…” She smiled, if Fabian and Peizhi were okay with doing the maze then she really thought they could complete this task without much worry. She and Leonidas both had five years of Defense under their belts plus more than that many years of flying, she was certain that paired with Ingrid and Shinohara’s Quidditch specified talents navigating this challenge would not be an issue. The trick here would just to not get over confident. Over confidence sometimes lead to one’s downfall, she had learned from an exciting Muggle tale about two racing animals.

“Does anyone have any objections to Leonidas and Shinohara in group one, then Fabian and Peizhi, then Ingrid and I?” It was the pairing that made the most strategic sense, she thought, even if she was worried about the two second years on their own. “Or Fabian could switch with either Leonidas or I.” While she knew that she and Leonidas were more experienced fliers than either Shinohara or Ingrid, the younger witches’ Quidditch talents were more of use than either his beating or her keeping.

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    • Who says a Pecari can't strategise? — Liliana Bannister, Wed Feb 3 07:08
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