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Savannah Brockert
Such an agreeable bunch
Wed Feb 3, 2016 11:15

As far as teams went, Savannah felt she was pretty lucky. Hers seemed to get along pretty decently which made things go a lot better in general. The fact that there were only two teams ranked ahead of theirs probably was a testament to this fact.

Nor was she too bothered about the second challenge involving brooms. Natually Savannah didn't fly that much, but she wasn't all that terrible at it nor did she hate it all that much. Mostly she was indifferent about having to do so. She just hoped that whatever they were doing didn't make the other teams crazy the way some people got about Quidditch, especially if it was something that was going to involve actual contact with other teams. She really didn't want anyone to get hurt.

"Hmm..." The fourth year thought in response to Andrew's question. It was an interesting one. "I have a hard time believing the Headmaster would want us messing things up so much in here. The chandeliers are most likely expensive antiques and he's probably the sort that very much cares about things like that." The Headmaster was her father's first cousin but they weren't close both because of a pretty big age difference and because Headmaster Brockert wasn't the sort people got close to. "Still, that does make me wonder what it could possibly be...oh." She said when the librarian mentioned the portrait and the Mirage Chamber opened up. Wow, an opportunity to see inside there, this didn't happen every day. The Teppenpaw glanced at her twin. Scarlett looked ecstatic.

She was a bit relieved to hear the instructions. While Savannah didn't care about flying itself, she didn't want to engage in physical combat with the rest of the school. Especially considering that she was related to a good many of them. Going up against them in such a direct way bothered her quite a bit, even if they were all competition as it was. It was a lot easier to have her team go faster through a maze than to have to knock them off a broom or something. There was even a ground option for those who couldn't or didn't want to fly. Savannah was certain a good many of her cousins were going to try to get that.

It was a good thing, however, that she personally didn't care, because Arnold wanted her to go with Andrew in Group One. Savannah didn't mind this one little bit. She didn't know the younger Teppenpaw very well, but he was definitely a pleasant person-most Teppenpaws were-and she wouldn't mind spending time with him. Besides, he was the one Quidditch player among them so that was always a plus. "Sounds good to me." She smiled back.

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    • Such an agreeable bunch — Savannah Brockert, Wed Feb 3 11:15
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