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Kira Spaulding
...I think you might be right.
Wed Feb 3, 2016 13:48

Kira did not like flying at all. Not only was it not considered ladylike and proper-which she tried so hard to be-but it was yet another thing she was just so bad at. People who flew had to be somewhat agile and that was not an adjective that anyone would ever apply to her. Plus, if she had to fly,she was under extra pressure to look graceful because ladies were supposed to be graceful, even if they were doing something that wasn't considered appropriate and Kira was awkward enough normally, let alone when she was in the air.

Which meant that there wasn't just the possibility of embarrassment-or rather the absolute utter certainty of it-there was also the fact that she'd most likely cost them and be blamed when they remained in last place because it was sure to be a total catastrophe.

She just wanted this all to be over. Not just this Challenge but the whole thing. Kira really didn't like to compete. It just reminded her of all the ways she was inferior. A flying challenge in particular was just going to make her feel worse, even if she didn't fall off a broom. In fact, she was more worried about her teammates-maybe even Caelia, the only non-related friend she had-would hate her than she was about any possible physical pain.

Kira might have been really good at magic, but apparently, that was the only thing she was good at.

The second year was so nervous that she kind of zoned out until Caelia was at her side handing her a broom. "Thank you." It was nice of her friend to bring a broom for her too. Of course, Kira didn't have her own. She'd used her brother's for flying lessons but he needed it today himself obviously. However, so worried was she about this Challenge that it didn't occur to her to wonder why her friend had two, because certainly Caelia couldn't borrow one from her brother either. Nor had it occurred to her what would happen when she showed up without one, as she was assuming there would be school brooms for them there, just like there had been for flying lessons.

Not even the mention of a ground option lifted her spirits. With the team Kira had, she was bound to get stuck flying anyway. She doubted anyone else was going to want to do it and she was the youngest person on the team other than Artemis. Never mind that she could do as much magic as Chuck or Caelia could and was a lousy flyer.

Still, she didn't speak up. They were bound to just be irritated with her if she took what was probably one of the coveted roles for this group anyway. Briefly, Kira wished she could trade a few people with her brother, who had an abundance of people that he claimed would be ecstatic about flying. It even things out a little and she'd get to be on the ground where she wouldn't be the reason they lost again. It wasn't her fault last time but it surely would be this time.

Quietly, she stood back next to Caelia and waited for someone else to speak up.She certainly wasn't going to.

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