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Lena Westley
Offering an out
Wed Feb 3, 2016 15:41

The challenges were not exactly Lena’s cup of tea. She preferred more leisurely things, things like reading, walks in Labyrinth Garden- even archery could be done at your own pace. The challenges were all races, granted this time teams weren’t going at the same time, but the overall times would be compared. Speed was not in Lena’s vocabulary, not even when it came to things like tests. Everything, in her opinion, should be done with careful deliberation or at least some awareness. How could you take notice of things if you were in a rush?

Lena was glad that teams were going separately. She and Olivier had been divided into different groups, relief most prayed for, so she wasn’t in much danger of seeing him but this challenge removed all possibility. Having realized her feelings she had continued avoiding him, this time more pained and each time she saw him her heart swelled with emotion, bringing her to the brink of tears before she’d slip away. She was aware of him, Olivier occupying her thoughts constantly even when he wasn’t physically present, even now and she sighed.

Her teammates might have interpreted the sigh as resignation, but Lena was merely brought out of her reverie by the exhalation. “I don’t mind flying. I’ll be in the last group if no one else feels comfortable with it, but I don’t mind any position. It’s all the same to me.” Soft spoken Lena tried to offer an out to the younger members of her team. She was used to flying, although she usually rode “side-saddle.” She could go pretty fast, so that wouldn’t be a problem, and she was steady on it. She didn’t do it all that often, she preferred walking, but she was beyond proficient. In all honesty, if speed was a requirement, a broom would be better because goodness knew that if Lena were left on the ground she’d take her sweet old time. She rode brooms, she did not run.

Lena left the decision to her teammates and waited for their input. She wasn't a good judge of people or their abilities so she couldn't have come up with a good plan for dividing them even had she been the type to take control like that. Her input was made and now she'd wait.

  • ...I think you might be right.Kira Spaulding, Wed Feb 3 13:48
    Kira did not like flying at all. Not only was it not considered ladylike and proper-which she tried so hard to be-but it was yet another thing she was just so bad at. People who flew had to be... more
    • Offering an out — Lena Westley, Wed Feb 3 15:41
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