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Joe Umland
OOC Correction
Sat Feb 6, 2016 14:17

Despite having the team lists open in another tab while writing, I somehow failed to notice that Joe's team is led by Duncan Brockert, not Arnold Manger. Not sure where my head was. I think the rest of the post, minus the line referring to Arnold which should be ignored, is okay. Sorry, guys!

  • Come on, Team Fifteen!Joseph Umland, Fri Feb 5 12:00
    Joe had realized at the time that his team had done well , but in all the chaos people running, packages flying, no clear line of sight on anything he had not realized that it had tied Team Five... more
    • But the world is endingAraceli Arbon, Fri Feb 12 07:46
      The world seemed not to be ending. She, Araceli and their school associates had all been in the same place at the same time. She had had nightmares in the run up to the ball, of Araceli showing up as ... more
      • It's not that bad.Duncan Brockert, Fri Feb 12 22:17
        Duncan was, once again, somehow blessed with good luck, with his team being tied for first place. He was beginning to feel sort of bad about it actually. While he had to study the same as anyone else ... more
    • OOC Correction — Joe Umland, Sat Feb 6 14:17
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