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Clark Dill
Mon Feb 8, 2016 14:45

"Ready," Clark confirmed and followed Gabe through the portal into the (very dark) room with the map. Gabe used his wand to light the way, and Clark nodded in approval.

Over the past fifteen years or so, Clark had led a life that could only rarely be described as 'normal'. Zack Dill was a pretty great dad in Clark's biased opinion, but in no way could the former Aladren and current astrophysicist be described as anything close to a typical parent even had he actually been Clark's biological dad and the whole half-alien thing wasn't an issue.

Dad had his obsessions. Astronomy. Star Trek. Science in general. Science fiction in general. Computers. Electronics. The ways magic and wizards could benefit from science and technology. The usual things, Clark supposed, a self-described tech and science geek who was also a wizard would obsess over.

So between his personal familiarity with the actual use of portkeys, his extensive exposure to science fiction effects in movies and television particularly those resulting from protagonists touching 'magical' (or items so technologically advanced that they might as well have been magic) artifacts, and a basic understanding of what the Mirage Chamber was capable of, Clark was . . . less surprised by the floor disappearing out from underneath him when Gabe grabbed the map than he could have been.

That did not mean he was ready for it. It was a map, after all, not the final treasure. Maybe, if he'd been in the second group, he might have expected a booby trap before grabbing a thing, but this was the precursor leg of the treasure hunting and even that had hardly begun.

So Clark yelped a bit and scrambled to get his broom under him, but managed to successfully abort his fall long before he risked an impact with the ground below. He flew over to assist his younger teammate, but Gabe had already gotten himself seated on his broom as well. The first year did shove the map at him, and Clark took it, because, clearly, the challenge was not going to be kind to its holder if the last few seconds were any indicator and Clark was better suited to defending himself from the unexpected.

He glanced around to make sure they weren't under imminent attack (he wouldn't put it past the challenge makers after that start) but all he saw were the butterflies that had once been the room containing them. Not perceiving those as a threat, he took a moment to look at the map.

There was no safe route through the place. Neither did it have their current location marked. Fabulous. It did have the dangers labeled, ord at least some of the ones that wouldn't move around too much, and the doors, but not which door was the one designated for team twelve.

With a growl of irritation, he rolled it up and tucked it safely inside his shirt. He hadn't brought a bag and, even if he had, a bag could be stolen away or dropped. Between the layers of his clothing was the safest place for it (he'd worn multiple layers in case they were outside again). So anything attempting to destroy the map would have to get through his Doctor Who sweatshirt and nearly get to his heart first. Clark had no intention of letting anything get that close. He liked this sweatshirt.

"Pick a direction," he suggested to Gabe. "We need to figure out where we are and orient ourselves on the map." He looked around them and pointed toward a red haze in the direction he was arbitrarily deciding was north, "But maybe not that way unless you really like fire."

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