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Arnold Manger
Off t(w)o victory!
Mon Feb 8, 2016 16:12

The good part about being team two was that they didn’t have to wait long to do the challenge. The numbers were generally insignificant, mostly just a way to organize the different teams without having to come up with complex names, but when the challenge required teams to go one at a time, it was convenient to just go in order, since they were basically already randomized for fairness. Less waiting around was far more favorable to Arnold; he was fairly impatient, even for a seventeen-year-old boy, and waiting around gave him far too much time to stress out about things.

Less fortunately, his team had determined that he would be in the third part of the challenge, which meant a touch more waiting, although he supposed he couldn’t really complain since it was his idea to do it this way, his logic being that as the oldest person on the team, it would be best to have him as an anchor.

But when it was finally time, he felt little relief. Now things got interesting, sure, but he had no way of knowing what exactly was ahead of them. “You take the item,” he suggested to Seven. “That way, I can defend you.” Arnold got himself into the air well enough, wobbling slightly as he removed one hand from the broom handle to get out his wand. He wasn’t a great flier, but he had some obvious potential, his lack of skill stemming not from a natural deficiency but rather little experience. After flying lessons, he’d mostly tucked away the notion, given that he was not one for Quidditch or especially Quodpot. “You ready?” he asked. “Let’s go.”

Arnold was diligent as they moved through the air, keeping his eyes peeled, ready for all danger, glancing about their surroundings, letting Seven go a bit in front of him so he could protect his blind spot. “Protego horribilis,” he cast preemptively. It was the strongest level of Shield Charm he could manage, and he figured the barrier against dark magic would be helpful, not that he expected there to be much of that sort of thing--this was a school, after all. Nonetheless, having that level of repulsion seemed like a smart thing to provide, as the spell ranged a decent size, and he figured he could just do it again when they flew out of its area.

“What do you think, Seven?” said Arnold cheerily. “So far, so good, right?” But as he spoke, he heard a somewhat familiar sound, the grumbling “voice” intrinsic to a particular malicious sporting item. “I think we’re near some Bludgers or something,” he stated worriedly. He wasn’t an athlete, but a bat might have been helpful here. Without it, he was left with one option: destroy them. Juliet, forgive me. “I’ll try to--Reducto!--take out the ones I can, but be ready to dodge in case--Reducto!--I miss some, okay?”

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    • Off t(w)o victory! — Arnold Manger, Mon Feb 8 16:12
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