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Gia Donovan
Off we go (Team Five - Barnaby)
Mon Feb 8, 2016 20:54

Gia stood at the portrait with one of the school brooms in her hand as she waited for them to go through. She was really rather grateful that they were higher up on the team list than some of her friends. She didn’t think she would be able to handle waiting all day for other teams to finish. Her imagination would get the better of her and she would think of all kinds of terrible things that would be awaiting her.

Her blue eyes looked sideways at her partner for this challenge. One Mr. Barnaby Pye. She didn’t know what he was playing at. This was their opportunity to not work together and he spoiled it by saying he didn’t mind working with her. She also didn’t really believe him when he said that he didn’t know how to fly very well. Someone from his family who didn’t know how to do everything and to do it well? Seemed unlikely. She couldn’t really recall their flying lessons to know for sure if he had stayed behind and wobbled or not the way that she had, but she could have sworn he flew around with all the others who loved to fly. Of course, she could be easily mistaking her memory for someone else. Either way, she did not like working alone with him. Most especially because her safety was in his hands and she didn’t think Barnaby was all that encouraging of a human being. “You can hold the map, if you want.” Gia said. “I’m not very good with directing a broom and I’ll have to hold my wand too.”

They were let into the room and Gia stared at the entrance to the maze. Somewhere in there was the rest of her team and she needed to get this map to the room. “Here we go!” Gia stated with a weak smile to Barnaby. She held her wand tightly in her hand and mounted her broom. She wasn’t sure how she was going to manage to protect herself from anything and remain stable on her broom, but she had to do the best that she could for her team.

With hesitant legs, Gia pushed off the ground and headed into the labyrinth. Usually, being a Pecari, this would be a whole new adventure of fun for her, but the idea of hexes coming at her and possible creatures attacking her while she was flying scared her just a little bit. Plus, she wasn’t fully trusting of her partner and that only made her all the more anxious. She looked around to see where Barnaby was to make sure she wasn’t going to run into him. With her attention on Barnaby, Gia missed the sudden movement of the hedges and nearly collided with a wall. She gave a rather girlish scream and jerked her broom to the right to avoid it. She hit hedges and scratched her cheek, but she was able to right herself again. “Well then, eyes forward.” Gia joked.

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    • Off we go (Team Five - Barnaby) — Gia Donovan, Mon Feb 8 20:54
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