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Ji-Eun Park
How about go away?
Tue Feb 9, 2016 02:18

Her team was doing well. Really well. In fact, they were in first place whilst Jamie languished mid-table. She had seen him pouting the day the rankings had gone up and, whilst he would have taken every opportunity to rub it in her face had their standings been reversed, she avoided him. She didn’t want to hear him whine about how it was everyone’s fault but his. It was a little tempting to lord it over him, just for once, and several times she came close to giving in, but when the announcement for the next challenge went up, she was glad she hadn’t. Jamie had plenty of flyers on his team. She maybe had one. Their places could easily reverse after this challenge. She had intended to practise - the notice having gone up on the Monday - although between Head Girl duties and all her homework it was very easy to put off a task that she didn’t really want to do. Finally, the evening before the challenge, sheer panic at the impending embarrassment had forced her onto a broom. It had been pretty shaky at first, but… well, she guessed that was why they had that phrase “it’s like riding a broom.” She remembered how, she just took a few laps to get her confidence up and not wobble.

“Great work on the first challenge,” she smiled at them all as they assembled. She didn’t really care about winning but she thought they deserved a pat on the back nonetheless for working hard.

She returned Gia’s smile and noticed that Barnaby Pye did so with a tight smirk. Funny, she had thought they were friends… Although now she thought about it, she didn’t know where she’d got that impression, other than they were the same age. The way he smirked at her reminded her very much of the way Jamie looked at people, and she resolved to keep a closer eye on Barnaby, especially with regard as to how he treated Gia. Which was going to be a challenge here…

“Thanks, that’s useful to know,” she nodded, when both Gia and Barnaby spoke up about their abilities. “I think we’re not a team that has many flyers, so this could be tough for us. But we’ve clearly got some great problem solvers, based off the last challenge, and thinking on our feet is going to be as much a part of this too,” or rather off their feet, as they would have to be doing it in mid-air, where hardly any of them felt particularly great. “So let’s focus on that, and on pairing up based on abilities that will compliment each other. Those who get a flying job, take it at a pace you’re comfortable with and just do your best. I’m not going to be mad if we slip down the rankings.

“Louis, you play on your house team, right? Does anyone else feel especially confident as a flyer?” she asked, waiting for a show of hands, “And is there anyone who is totally unwilling or unable to do it?” she asked, checking for any hands that went up. Overall it seemed that, whilst the team might not be particularly skilled in this area, it was at least flexible.

“Ok…. I’m going to partner with Louis and we’ll take stage one. He’s a good flyer and I should be able to tackle the obstacles. I think having mixed aged pairs makes the most sense, so I’m going to have Scarlet and Barnaby tackle the way out. Gia and Jessica can take the ground work. Sorry that it’s not everyone’s first choice but I think those combinations will help us get through this the best. Is that ok with everyone?”


They didn’t have a long wait before starting, and she and Louis were first up in their team. The first obstacle as far as she was concerned was the maze itself, with its tight corners. She tried not to slow Louis down, or to wince or show it when she scraped her legs on the hedges. She managed not to do anything totally shameful like crashing or unseating herself, and her flying was functional if not the most elegant or efficient. She had offered Louis the map, on the grounds that he could fly well and possibly read directions at the same time, leaving her able to concentrate on flying and fending off dangers, although if he wasn’t confident with finding directions, she was happy to take over. However, as they skidded to a halt due to a brick wall, she felt it was much more likely to be one of the aforementioned obstacles than a wrong turn, especially as the rest of the maze was made of hedges.

“Stand back,” she warned, “Reducto!” The curse neatly blew the wall out of their way, and feeling much more useful than she had until this point, Ji-Eun flew on.

  • Let's see what your worst nightmare can do for you.Barnaby Pye, Thu Jan 28 09:41
    Barnaby had arrived to the second challenge in his most comfortable clothes. Which, for him, meant that he had forgone his crisp dress-shirts for a more casual cotton button-up and a pair of khaki... more
    • How about go away? — Ji-Eun Park, Tue Feb 9 02:18
      • OOC - editJi-Eun, Wed Feb 10 04:16
        I failed to notice that Gia had already posted later in the challenge with Barnaby, so let's say that Jess is working with Scarlett on the final leg. If I have time, I will edit some IC reasoning... more
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