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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Not can't so much as can't be bothered to
Tue Feb 9, 2016 02:57

They weren’t quite winning, and winning was a thing Ingrid would be hard pushed to deny that she wanted and enjoyed. However, she was the first placed Wolseithcrafte and given that they had been told to show up to the next challenge with brooms, she was sure things could only get better. She smiled at the rest of her team, even Leonidas, when they assembled. Normally, Leonidas was the enemy but at the moment he was helping her to beat Theodore instead of lose to him, so for now he was an ally. He’d also been pretty decent to all of them during the ice challenge even though they were normally rivals - Ingrid could see why he’d gotten the assistant captaincy over Theodore, as he was way, way nicer than her brother, a point which she had been sure to mention to him (whilst she was rather competitive, Ingrid was also either kind by nature or had spent sufficient time around Jemima for some of her tendencies to have rubbed off - either way, she tended to give credit where credit was due).

Wu was the first to speak up on their team, which was a surprise because she wasn’t sure Wu had really spoken at all up until now, except maybe to say a spell. However, it was to request to be left on the ground, as she wasn’t much good at flying, which wasn’t exactly a bold and outgoing assertion. Looking at the rest of the team, it seemed pretty likely she’d get her wish. She listened as the older two figured out strategy. She was more of an action person than a planning person. Strategy was something she associated with Theodore and his chess set. She knew that it was important for Quidditch but it wasn’t a responsibility that had ever really fallen to her yet, leaving her to just do once she was put in place, and which suited her better.

“That makes sense to me,” she nodded to Liliana’s plan. She hadn’t really listened to the detail of what the second group would be doing because it hadn’t involved flying and had therefore sounded boring. Plus Liliana’s plan meant she was paired with the captain, which would have been her first choice anyway. Leonidas was nice and all, but he wasn’t Liliana. The only downside, she realised, as they sent the others off, was that their group had the most waiting to do. Images of them bursting triumphantly through the end of the maze, prize in hands, helped with that, but Ingrid still paced about a bit, checking the time every few minutes and pondering on what the others might be doing and when they might be done, and what the rest of them might come up against.

“If there’s a use in there for curse of the bogies, I’m good to help out. We did that before Christmas. But it seems unlikely….” she mused.

  • Who says a Pecari can't strategise?Liliana Bannister, Wed Feb 3 07:08
    Beating Theodore’s team was something that Liliana desperately wanted to do. Despite their truce of sorts that they had mutually called in some aspects of their lives, she was very aware that in... more
    • Not can't so much as can't be bothered to — Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Tue Feb 9 02:57
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