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Fight or flight
Wed Feb 10, 2016 04:46

Midterm had been the best, being back home where he felt he belonged, and doing Christmas shows - luckily these tended to be old familiar favourites, and still being little their parts weren’t too strenuous, so it had been easy enough to slip back into their circus routines. It was a bit cold out for practising broom stunts, and the frosty ground hurt when you fell on it, but he’d made as much use as possible of his flying lessons at school for that, so didn’t feel too behind, and instead his cousins had taught him a couple of cool new juggling catches. On top of that, there were all the other things that he hadn’t even realised he missed, like singing around the fire in the evening.

Coming back to school had been a drag. When they first left home, he’d been suspicious, doubting that the whole experience could be any fun, but there had still been the hope, the slim possibility, and the fact that it was a new place. Now he knew for sure he hated it, hated staying stuck in one place all the time, and there was nothing new or interesting to entice him back. He was pleased to see Ben, but that was about it. At least, until the poster for the second challenge went up.

Kyte was pretty excited for the broom challenge. Or rather, the official broom challenge since, for him, the last challenge had been about brooms too. He’d been bouncing along in a happy little bubble about it until he noticed Raine seemed anxious, which was odd cos Raine was pretty good on a broom - she didn’t do stunts, but they decamped often enough for it to be second nature. However, when Raine didn’t have something to worry about for herself, she usually managed to find something to worry about on someone else’s behalf. Sometimes he found it kinda sweet that she was so caring and other times he wished she’d just give herself a day off worrying for once. This time, she was worried over Nevaeh, who didn’t like flying one little bit. Kyte had promised to do his best to take care of Neveah, but as he listened to the challenge description, it became apparent that he might not have a chance. Excited as he was about the idea of riding through a booby-trapped maze, he remembered to do what Raine would, and turned to check how Neveah was taking the news. She looked pretty sick about it, so he reached out and gave her hand a quick squeeze, with a murmured “it’ll be ok,” which was what he would have done if it had been Raine looking so bothered.

Nevaeh seemed to get herself together and come up with a pretty clever plan, managing to do that trick of thinking what the teachers hadn’t said, as much as what they had, which seemed to be what they wanted from you here (but not in class, where if you tried to take that kind of initiative you were “bending rules” or “being cheeky”).

“It ain’t great,” he answered frankly when Ava asked if their spell pairings were strong, “But if we can’t fight it, we can probably outride it, and maybe that’ll be as good as people who know their spells but who’ll fall off. I’ve stayed on through some pretty hairy storms, so I reckon I can take what we’ve got coming.”

  • In one hundred percent agreement.Ava Fletcher, Wed Feb 3 06:16
    When little Nevaeh Reed suggested she ride on the back of Ava’s broomstick, the seventh year blanched. The idea was quite sickening. She could just see the disaster that lay ahead for all of them if... more
    • Fight or flight — Kyte, Wed Feb 10 04:46
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