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Ben Pierce, Team Four
Flying Flamingos, Batman! (Arne)
Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:36

Ben clutched his broom in hand and bounced on his feet while he waited for his turn to go into the challenge maze. He wasn't anxious exactly; well, he was. He was anxious to get started, but not nervous or anything. It was probably entirely psychological due to his increasing anticipation for his own turn, but it seemed to him that it took Team Three forever to finish up so Team Four could be called. He was super thankful that his team wasn't the unlucky group numbered fifteen.

Finally, eventually, Team Four was up and Ben and Arne went through the portal into the Mirage Chamber. Mounting his broom as soon as they were through, Ben flew toward the prominently placed map they were supposed to transport for this first part.

He picked it up and as soon as he did, there was a shrieking racket and something covered with bright colors was flying right at him. Ben shrieked right back and took off flying in a random direction. The bird-creature-thing whatever it was chased after and Ben used every flying trick he knew to stay ahead of it and out of its clutches.

"Arne!" he yelled, "What is that?! Make it stop!" So far, he was managing to outfly it, but he wasn't sure what would happen if he jinked when he should have juked and it got close enough to make an attack. The sooner it was incapacitated, restrained, or somehow directed elsewhere, the happier Ben would be.

Spotting Arne out of the corner of his eye, Ben changed direction again to give the older student the best possible shot at the thing as he could manage while fleeing for his life. The map remained clutched tight but largely forgotten and now a bit crumpled between Ben's hand and the broomstick.

OOC: I have no specific creature in mind, so feel free to make it whatever you'd like Arne to go up against.

  • Group One (nm)Librarian Nicchi, Sat Jan 23 07:53
    • For team three (with Arthur)Jamie Park, Thu Feb 11 07:47
      Ji-Eun’s team was winning. Not just beating his but actually over-all winning. The fact had put a pout on Jamie’s face for most of the week. The news that the next challenge involved flying helped to ... more
    • Flying Flamingos, Batman! (Arne) — Ben Pierce, Team Four, Wed Feb 10 10:36
    • Off we go (Team Five - Barnaby)Gia Donovan, Mon Feb 8 20:54
      Gia stood at the portrait with one of the school brooms in her hand as she waited for them to go through. She was really rather grateful that they were higher up on the team list than some of her... more
    • Follow the butterfliesGabe Valenti - Team Twelve, Wed Feb 3 00:58
      One thing Gabe knew for sure was that being a wizard wasn’t very easy. Two scorch marks on his pewter cauldron sitting by his bed in Teppenpaw house were clear proof of that. He’d been the cause of... more
      • Following!Clark Dill, Mon Feb 8 14:45
        "Ready," Clark confirmed and followed Gabe through the portal into the (very dark) room with the map. Gabe used his wand to light the way, and Clark nodded in approval. Over the past fifteen years or ... more
        • Towards the light?Gabe Valenti, Sun Feb 14 21:53
          Gabe was glad for the red light emitting from his wand - it was the perfect cover for the blush that flashed across his face. This was supposed to be his moment - and here he was barely crawling on... more
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