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Jack Spencer
I'm just here for the competition.
Wed Feb 10, 2016 13:19

Jack was thoroughly enjoying the challenges. Though he considered himself an academic of sorts, he also loved being physically active and taking part in competitions. It was strange to him, however, to cancel Quidditch in order to have these sorts of team challenges, but as long as Jack was able to fly around on a broom and use his brain at the same time he was fine with it. The only bad thing about this was being stuck with his cousin as their leader. Leo didn't seem to be used to the leadership role and Jack tried not to blame him. He didn't seem very competitive in the first place, not to mention he was the youngest of three brothers. After seeing how low their team ranked (it was nothing compared to Charlotte's team), Jack felt motivated to get his team to do something. It was ridiculous, their ranking, and embarrassing.

The Mirage Chamber was fascinating, but Jack didn't spend useless time staring around in awe. Of course schools ought to have chambers like these, being magical. As he listened to the librarian explain today's challenge, he started growing excited. He would get to ride on a broom! That is, if no one else wanted to. The first bit sounded most appealing to him. It consisted of two of his favourite activities: flying and puzzles. The last group consisted of flying as well, but Jack didn't enjoy obstacle courses like that, especially when he was supposed to dodge things and find an exit in a maze.

Jack scoped out his team-mates, wondering if any of them could fly well. Each group would need two members, and since they still needed to incorporate Vendela, their first year, it would be best to include her in the easiest section. If they were going to win, or at least garner enough points, they needed to exercise all of their strengths.

Oliver Ferguson took charge quickly and Jack wondered if Leo would mind. Probably not. He listened to their self-declared 'leader' who called the ground and immediately called Newell on his team. Either Ferguson took a fancy to Newell or he had the same idea of a winning team. It didn't matter which at the moment as long as the two of them could complete their section of the challenge quickly. Newell didn't seem completely convinced, however, and Jack watched his interaction with Kennedy.

Jack still didn't understand why one didn't simply share their preferences. If Kennedy wanted to fly, then she should say she wanted to. If she didn't, then she should say she didn't. His brother was like that too, and Jack had learnt to try to see beyond Adam's words to figure out what he really wanted. With Laila's statement, he didn't know her well enough to know if she really wanted to fly and was just being passive-aggressive or if she really didn't want to fly and was just putting up a front to stand strong against Ferguson's blatant favouritism.

"I'd like to be a part of the first group, the flying one. Vendela, if you can fly all right you could come with me. It's less... intimidating than the last group. Unless you'd like to be in the first group, Kennedy, I'm easy." That, of course, was a partial lie. If his team-mates forced him to fly in the last group, he had no choice. He could do it if no one else was able, but he'd rather avoid it even if it meant sacrificing his cousin to the obstacle course.

  • Laila did not like Oliver Ferguson. At all. Which kind of astonished her because she really hadn’t felt this sort of dislike towards someone…well, ever. But what frustrated her more than anything was ... more
    • I'm just here for the competition. — Jack Spencer, Wed Feb 10 13:19
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