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John Umland
...It is?
Wed Feb 10, 2016 18:39

”I’ll go in the third group with John,” a voice piped up at once. It was not the one John had expected. Arthur Leithan probably had no reason to think too highly of his roommate's brother (somehow, John seriously doubted that Joe regularly regaled the other first years with tales of how awesome his only school-bound sibling was), but he almost certainly had greater reason to think that John would be a good fellow to work with than the person who'd just piped up did.

John saw Emmy-Lou half-smile at him, but he could only manage a surprised look in return. Emmy-Lou had just volunteered to work with him, apparently of her own free will. Well, that took even attempting to bend the rules off the table. The second year had assumed he was up to no good last year when he’d been performing perfectly honest (at that point, anyway; it had gotten more complicated later, but John had gone to some effort to make sure they didn’t cross paths at that point) detective work, so if he did anything even remotely crooked, she’d probably catch it at once. Or else get it backward again and think that he was Galahad come again – maybe she just read everything backward – but he thought that was rather less likely than the unpleasant alternative.

“We can go over the basics until it’s our turn,” he suggested when she asked if there was any planning they could do for this. Her manner made it easy to forget, but she was a lot closer to Joe’s size than she was to his. He assumed she knew a little more magic than his brother first because she was an Aladren and second because she was a second year, but if she was the kind who read novels or even studied mostly theoretical subjects on her own time a lot more often than she taught herself extra spells (it occurred to him that he knew almost nothing about her except that she had been able to provoke him when he’d already been in a temper, which was...really not a lot to know about a person), she might not have a large magical advantage over her peers. John himself had not really hit his stride magically until last year, either, so even having the desire to learn more magic didn’t necessarily translate into the ability to perform more magic, at least not reliably. “We can probably count on needing shield charms – being able to create lights, maybe fire, finite incantatem,, Knockback Jinx could come in handy if there’s things in the air – can you do all those?”

  • It's all decided.Emilia-Louise Scott, Mon Feb 1 13:07
    Emmy-Lou had enjoyed the first challenge but had not found the following results had to be quite so pleasing. She wasn’t all about making it a competition and only caring about winning or anything... more
    • ...It is? — John Umland, Wed Feb 10 18:39
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