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Theodore Wolseithcrafte
Fed up
Thu Feb 11, 2016 03:00

Theodore was less than thrilled about their current ranking in the team challenges. He didn’t really care about such things, but Francesca had won when she was here and, much as he loved her, he didn’t like to be bettered by her. On top of that, Ingrid and Liliana’s team was placed above his, which made both of them insufferable. He’d done his best to shrug it off as if the whole thing didn’t really matter to him but he really wanted his team to move up on the next challenge. Fate, however, did not seem to be on his side in this matter, as the challenge was to be flying based, according to the posters issued on the Monday before, and Liliana had almost an entire team of Quidditch players.

He listened to the long list of instructions, wondering why it all had to be so complicated. He didn’t mind complicated when it was something like chess, which was intricate and where the complication was a necessity, but this just seemed convoluted, all in the name of “fun” or “team building” or whatever brand the school was trying to sell to them this week. He would much rather have dedicated his time to activities he actually enjoyed, rather than having to shepherd a bunch of little children through a maze.

Ms. Brockert was the first to speak up, asking for one of the ground positions - hardly a surprise, since her family seemed to have something against flying. In fact, he wondered whether the Headmaster had insisted upon the ground clause for the sake of his relatives, as Theodore couldn’t really see the point of it otherwise. Sure, not everyone was good at flying, but that was why it was called a challenge - the last one had involved lateral thinking, and they hadn’t made an allowance for the fact that some people were idiots, so why this? He had spent a long time trying to figure out the Brockert stance on flying. They seemed to try to make the right sort of noises to everyone… They didn’t snub his family nor reject their invitations - Owen Brockert was practically joined at the hip to Jemima - but no one in the family flew. No one. Barely even the boys, which suggested some weird obsession other than WAIL-politics. He had wondered whether it was simply nurture over nature - no one in the older generations had taken to sport, and so hadn’t raised their children with an enthusiasm for it. But surely, surely somewhere along the line, someone would have got curious and picked up a broom. He still tended to assume that they were erring on the side of caution, trying to make sure they appeased all parties, which was rather a strange tactic given that they had enough status and power to set the rules themselves, and expect others to follow. Luckily, he had other volunteers to fly, and the ever chirpy Teppenpaw didn’t seem put off by babysitting one of the first years either.Certainly, that seems to make sense," he nodded to Chaslyn.

“Excellent, take your pick,” he offered Aiden, “Unless any of you has a particularly strong feeling about keeping your feet on the ground?” he asked the first years. “I’ll take whoever’s left, along with Mr. Markov.” As they were a team of seven, one group had to contain three, and it seemed to him to be a fair trade that whoever had the extra person at least had the most experienced younger student, as well as a total beginner. It also felt like his responsibility as captain to take that extra burden.

“Perhaps the group of three should go first? Given that we’re hunting for something, the more eyes the better,” just about, although it was barely an advantage given that they were following a map, not just hunting randomly, and the amount of time it would take to protect the novice students would probably far outweigh any useful contributions they made - they would have been better off keeping as many of them away from the obstacles as possible, but having them join the second group hadn’t been an option, “whereas on the way out, it’s purely dodging obstacles, so the fewer targets they have, the better.”

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    • Fed up — Theodore Wolseithcrafte, Thu Feb 11 03:00
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