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Jamie Park
For team three (with Arthur)
Thu Feb 11, 2016 07:47

Ji-Eun’s team was winning. Not just beating his but actually over-all winning. The fact had put a pout on Jamie’s face for most of the week. The news that the next challenge involved flying helped to improve his mood a little, as that what his favourite thing to do, but he wasn’t sure it would translate into a better standing, as the whole problem with the last challenge hadn’t been him but the bunch of geeks and losers he had to work with. If a group of Aladrens couldn’t excel at the logic challenge, they weren’t likely to do much better at athletics. John would, he grudgingly admitted, probably do alright because he wasn’t really half bad on a broom, but the rest were probably going to drag him down. As Ms Nicchi explained her lame ass little treasure hunt, things picked up a little, in that at least two of the idiots got to keep their feet on the ground.

He shrugged nonchalantly to Emery’s plan. It made sense - of course it made sense to have him on a broom, he was Jamie Park - but it wasn’t exactly worth fawning over the exalted leader for. John then grabbed for the glory role of being the one to finish the whole thing, getting to zip across the finish line. Jamie wasn’t going to let him just take that, although if it got into a squabble over who would do what, Emery would be bound to side with his housemate.

“I’m sure I can manage any of the roles, so if that’s the only one you’re comfortable with, I’ll take the first leg,” he said casually. It dented his pride a little bit that the girl was clamouring to go with John instead of him (not that he was into first years because that would be gross, but it was the principle of the thing, given that he was way more good looking and charismatic) but he supposed it was the Aladren thing again. They were such snobs when it came to people from other houses.

“Couldn’t get a girl in your own year, Umland? Fine by me” he smirked, as if he’d rather not have her anyway. In truth, he didn’t know a blind bit of difference between her and the first year. The first year was at least a boy, and they tended to be less whiny, so it was probably in his favour that she was in luuuurve with John.

He tuned out their little chit chat about tactics whilst they waited to go in. He gave their map a cursory glance, sure his natural sense of direction would be no match for what the staff had come up with.

“This way first,” he nodded to Arthur as they entered the maze. It was weird flying with a little shadow. He was used to having a Beater, which could frankly be a little annoying at times, but at least they were doing something for him. He didn’t like playing babysitter. The first obstacle was a wall of fire, which he put out with a lazy flick of his wand, without thinking to negotiate with the first year as to whether it was within his ability. Speed was of the essence.

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    • For team three (with Arthur) — Jamie Park, Thu Feb 11 07:47
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