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Lionel Layne
Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:28

Lionel was not particularly fussed about his team’s standing in the game, but he couldn’t say he was overjoyed with it, either. He guessed there were people who actually wanted to lose – there was one of everything, his granddad always said – but he though they were pretty rare and he wasn’t one of them. He just was acknowledged that everyone failed sometimes. Even his cousin Alicia had lost twice, when prefects had been selected for her year and when she’d had to work with people outside of her clique for the first version of these challenges, though to hear her talk (never outright saying it, of course, but the implication was pretty clear), she had actually just chessmastered everything so her now-husband’s team could win in the challenges.

If she had made second place, he thought there was a chance he would have actually believed it. Luckily for his sanity, though, if she had pulled that off, he was sure she would have at least mentioned it. It was more likely that for once, she’d just lost, fair and square. Death, taxes, and occasionally losing were just three inevitable things in life. Probably.

Alistair Johnson’s use of the word Obviously annoyed Lionel a little bit, but he couldn’t say the guy’s plan was a bad one. He could have been a bit petty and pointed out that for all they knew, the object could be too large for one person to lift, requiring magic from both students to move, or as small as a Snitch, but since they didn’t have a Seeker to account for the second possibility, Lionel chose to leave it alone. Starting rivalries and tensions in his own team was not something that was going to help anyone in any way. It would just slow them down.

The flirting with Kelsey, though, was enough to make him start to roll his eyes before he caught himself. Really. Lionel was willing to allow that she could surprise him – she had surprised him a lot by agreeing with him in the last challenge – but he doubted she was very good on a broom, which, along with the smile, made it more likely that this was some junior Crotalus romance getting in the way of getting the job done. Or just simple snobbery on Alistair’s part, not wanting to lower himself to working with the rest of them. Whatever. Either way, he wished Alistair would do his courting on his own time. The rest of them didn’t want to see that.

“I’m good with either plan,” said Lionel, trying not to sound too reluctant at the thought of working with Alistair. The guy kind of reminded him of some of his something-less-than-favorite relatives, which was not, Lionel thought, a compliment to Alistair no matter how one sliced it. Even Alistair himself, whatever he thought of Lionel as a person, would have probably been offended by the comparison, as those relatives were the way they were because they were social climbers.

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