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Un-silliness it is then!
Thu Feb 11, 2016 18:42

Ginger couldn't help a bit of a smile when Jake said they should be together. Diana didn't seem entirely convinced by the idea though, or at least, not by the position he'd chosen for them to take. "Well, I'm sure we can find you a broom in the time it takes for ten other teams to go," she assured Diana. She'd seen Mr. Xavier wandering about the Cascade Hall supervising the students still waiting their turn, and she figured she could ask him if not anyone else and he'd always seemed super helpful in the past, even when giving her chores to do for defacing school property last year.

"Do you think that Jake and I should go last then?" she asked, "Since we've got the flying experience and he's a fifth year? And I shouldn't be too much of a liability in the final stretch, either. I'm good on the broom and I've got my defense basics down solid." She might only be a third year, but DADA was one of her better classes, and she was better off than the two beginners who hadn't attended any intermediate lessons yet. She wouldn't be much use against anything high level, but she could probably hold her own against most things using the protego and stupify charms. "Then we can finish off strong."

At the risk of telling an advanced student what to do, she summarized, "So Diana and Darrien take the first leg to get the map in, Eleanor helps Angelique find our item on the ground, and me and Jake fly it clear? Does that work for everyone? And unless anyone has a better idea for finding brooms, I can go ask Mr. Xavier for however many we need." She looked a question at Darrien to see if he needed one, too.

  • But not silly about itDiana Carey, Sun Jan 31 21:46
    Diana wanted desperately to frown as she approached the second challenge, but a lady did not show her emotions in public and especially did not show them when one of the ways they wanted to manifest... more
    • Un-silliness it is then! — Ginger, Thu Feb 11 18:42
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