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Araceli Arbon
But the world is ending
Fri Feb 12, 2016 07:46

The world seemed not to be ending. She, Araceli and their school associates had all been in the same place at the same time. She had had nightmares in the run up to the ball, of Araceli showing up as herself instead of Amelia and everyone turning on her - blaming her for the lies, or thinking she’d been the one keeping her sister under lock and key for her own gain. Sometimes her dreams were more abstract - fire, destruction, panic…. It had truly felt like the fact of having everyone in the same place at the same time might be a destructive force in itself that would just rip a hole in the world, even without anyone saying or doing the wrong thing. But it hadn’t happened. The evening had been more or less pleasant and successful. Araceli was on cloud nine over Makenzie knowing and forgiving her.

All of which was why how she was feeling made no sense. Things had gone as smoothly as could be expected but it still felt like the world around her was falling apart. She thought she knew why too…. She had always known this wasn’t forever - Merlin, she had never wanted it to be. She wanted Araceli to have her life back. But that didn’t mean she wanted to give it up. She had no real world to go back to. She’d been in a fictional version of France for the last two and a half years. She had no connections, no life of her own to return to. This was what she knew now, and it was going to be ripped away. She had as little as half a term left.

Her initial reaction to being placed first in the challenges had been panic. Had she over-impressed, done something uncharacteristically outstanding for a fourth year? She didn’t think so, as she’d had time to plan, and as no one else seemed suspicious of her, she had stopped worrying. Perhaps their ideas had simply been good. The second challenge presented more and more problems the more she learnt about it… Father had never been particularly against them flying, as it was a traditional part of witchcraft and he didn’t believe in all that WAIL nonsense. He did, however, believe in politics, and the Brockerts’ position remained frustratingly unclear. They didn’t outright condemn WAIL, but nor did anyone in the family fly. Conveniently, beyond first year flying (which even the Brockerts diligently attended), flying at the school was limited to Quidditch - something it was impossible to imagine a girl of Araceli’s temperament doing, thus making whether a girl of her blood status should do it a moot point. Until now. Those on brooms were also going to have obstacles thrown at them. That meant thinking fast. That meant gut reactions. That meant the risk of firing off spells that a girl of her age shouldn’t know. The salvation lay in the ground option. Whatever Duncan’s opinion on flying, he almost certainly wouldn’t think less of her for taking that, and it sounded like it had more space for thinking.

“I think I’d be most help on the ground,” she offered, “I don’t mind who I take with me.” Whilst she would have been happiest with Duncan’s company, followed by Brandon because at least he was proper, she sensed that these challenges were one of those situations where you were allowed to fraternise a little without incurring judgement - she was not being improper, she was being a good team player. And, even if she wasn’t so likely to be caught off her guard on the ground, the younger and Muggleborn students might not be such good judges of what magic was appropriate to her age.

  • Come on, Team Fifteen!Joseph Umland, Fri Feb 5 12:00
    Joe had realized at the time that his team had done well , but in all the chaos – people running, packages flying, no clear line of sight on anything – he had not realized that it had tied Team Five... more
    • But the world is ending — Araceli Arbon, Fri Feb 12 07:46
      • It's not that bad.Duncan Brockert, Fri Feb 12 22:17
        Duncan was, once again, somehow blessed with good luck, with his team being tied for first place. He was beginning to feel sort of bad about it actually. While he had to study the same as anyone else ... more
    • OOC CorrectionJoe Umland, Sat Feb 6 14:17
      Despite having the team lists open in another tab while writing, I somehow failed to notice that Joe's team is led by Duncan Brockert, not Arnold Manger. Not sure where my head was. I think the rest... more
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