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Jax Donovan
Scavenging (Team Two - Raine)
Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:00

Jax stood around waiting for their time to go in. He really didn’t mind working with Raine as she wasn’t likely going to do anything that would upset him during their time together. He only hoped that she was good at hunting hidden objects or reading a map. The last time Jax had to find anything was during their Potions lesson last year and he had somehow ended up working with Ingrid Wolseithcrafte. Jax had the impression that she didn’t much care for him after that experience. It was better that way though. He was already tied to too many people and he didn’t even know how that happened. He really needed to stop interacting so much with people, especially the girls of this school. It was mostly Gia’s fault. His sister had a knack for making friends and usually when that happened, those people suddenly were his friends too.

When they entered the room and were deposited into the middle of the maze, Jax looked around their general surroundings to see if he could see anything without the map. Nothing was really calling out to him, so instead of looking, he decided to go through a list of spells in his head that would be helpful to working on finding hidden objects. His list wasn’t very long at all. Maybe it would have been better to have an older student work this part of the challenge with Raine instead of him.

Before he could really work anything out further with himself, the door appeared nearby. Jax gave a shrug to Raine before entering the room and finding the map waiting for them. Their Group One counterparts had managed to get the map to them alright. “I guess we’re up now.” Jax commented as he picked up the map and returned to the maze. He showed Raine the map so that they could both see where the hidden objects were waiting for them. There wasn’t one too far from them, only just passed the first turn. Other than that, they seemed spread out and vast. It was definitely going to take some time to get to them all and he really hoped that their item wasn’t the last one waiting. Jax handed her the map to hold on to. If nothing else, maybe holding on to it would make her feel better.

“We can use the Point Me spell while we are wandering through the maze so that we always know where North is.” Jax suggested. “This way, we could find out way back to the door without losing too much time. Or, we can leave a trail to follow back. Although, if the bushes move to make new paths, that wouldn’t really be much of help to us…” Jax said, more as a thought to himself rather than an actual suggestion to Raine. Sometimes talking out loud was how he worked out problems. Hearing it made easier connections than to simply run things in his thoughts alone.

At the spot where the map marked the first item, Jax looked around for some indication of where it might be. He spotted what looked to be a newly filled hole. “Oh, maybe this is it?” Jax said, dropping to his knees. Pushing the dirt out of the way, the found a small pouch. Written on the pouch was the Team number Twelve. It wasn’t their item. Dropping it back into the hole and covering it back up, Jax dusted off his hands and stood back up.

“Okay, well, I guess it’s on to the next one.” He stated, giving Raine a smile. “Where do we go from here?” He asked her.

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