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Isaac Douglas
Paranoia doesn't mean they're not out get you, Team Twelve.
Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:56

Once the teams were decided, the only thing to do was wait.

While they did that, Isaac occupied himself by trying to figure out if he could make a convincing argument that later teams (like, for instance, his) should receive a few bonus points when the points were all counted because of the psychological disadvantage that having to wait imposed upon them. Team One might qualify for bonus points, too, since Isaac was pretty sure that everyone hated going first, but Ten through Fifteen really had it bad. Normally time was a Crotalus’ friend, but the task was one it was virtually impossible to plan for. All he knew was that he was going to have to face ‘obstacles.’ That was it. That could mean anything from walls of fire to corridors with sheets of paper he had to break through stretched across them – though the more he thought about it, the surer he was that those sheets of paper could be deadly, too, if hit too quickly with a broom. It was impossible for the time to be anything but a burden.

By the time it was Team Twelve, Group One’s turn, Isaac was sure the tension could get no worse. It promptly proved him wrong when Dill and Valenti were called up.

“Good luck,” he said to them, and meant it. For one thing, whatever he thought of Dill, their success was essential to his success at the moment. For another thing, he hoped that if he was nice, it would somehow karmically reflect right away so that the obstacles he had to face were not so bad.

Clark was good on a broom, nobody could deny that, but Isaac wondered how he would do without Beater support. Isaac didn’t like flying without it, but the fact was that Chasers had to look after themselves a lot. There were usually three of them to one Beater, not the one-to-one ratio Clark enjoyed as Aladren Seeker…though Chasers did also have pack immunity to help them out. Often, it was risky for anyone to take a shot at an opposing Chaser for fear of hitting one of his own Chasers before the Bludger could be brought back under control. He’d heard that the first rule of Beating was to take any shot at the Seeker which could be taken. Maybe it all equaled out somehow.

It took a significant effort of will to sit still during the first two portions, but it turned out that a lifetime of learning etiquette meant for a social class half a step above his own had its advantages. As it usually was before Quidditch matches, he looked a lot more composed than he remotely was as he took up his broom.

“Here we go,” he said to his partner.

The item on the table looked harmless enough, but Isaac still raised a hand in warning to his partner and performed a quick check for hexes and other dark spells on it before he decided it was safe for either of them to touch it. Then he picked it up. It settled awkwardly under his arm, not as much like a Quaffle as he’d expected, and his other hand was occupied with his wand. He could fly without his hands, but he was not used to spending the whole match without the ability to touch a broom. “Are you okay with taking turns carrying it if we have to?” he asked, just as the door appeared.

He flew through it, feeling supremely stupid (who flew through a door?) and almost immediately ducked as an arc of red light shot toward his head. Cursing fluently in his head, he cast a Shield Charm and glanced back at his partner, hoping she also had good reflexes and an instinct for self-preservation. He had not expected the obstacles to appear that fast and cursed himself for that. He'd thought he was so wired up that he was ready for anything within the realm of reason, but the lack of immediate opposition when he'd picked up the item had lulled him into a false sense of security.

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    • Paranoia doesn't mean they're not out get you, Team Twelve. — Isaac Douglas, Fri Feb 12 11:56
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