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Chloe Jareau
Flying from the nest (Team 13 - Cass Riker)
Fri Feb 12, 2016 13:30

Chloe was more than relieved that no one on the team seemed upset by her thought process. It might have made more sense to separate the third years, but Owen seemed sickly and Chloe thought it would be better for him to have his friend than to be with someone he wasnít necessarily comfortable with. Considering how Chloe was whenever she wasnít feeling well, she believed that others felt similarly. Lately, that hasnít really been the case for her. Mostly, she wanted to be alone or with family but that was about it. She faked her way through everything else. It wasnít that she didnít enjoy spending time with her friends, she just wasnít in a place where she could talk to them about her feelings without feeling overwhelmed and angry. Every time someone asked her how she was feeling or that they were sorry to hear of her loss, she immediately tensed up while she emotionally shut down. The only people this didnít happen around was Emery, for obvious reasons, and Arnold, which she assumed because he was there in their grief back home.

They had a long time to wait before they could go through the challenge. Chloe had nervous energy running through her. She wanted to go for a run, but she knew that wasting her energy wasnít going to be a good idea. She thought about pacing to relieve some of it, but then she thought that might make her team nervous, so she opted not to do that either. Instead, she sat at the table with her legs working like crazy beneath the table. As long as no one looked under the table, they wouldnít notice her excess nerves making their way with limbs.

Being in their position and having to wait was really the worst. She had no idea why she chose to go in Group Three other than the fact that she felt responsible for the item and wanted to make sure it got to the end safely. She knew nothing about Cassius other than his year and house. She supposed she should have tried to get to know her members better and then maybe she could have known if he enjoyed flying or Quidditch or whatever, but she didnít have the mind capacity for small talk or friendly banter.

Chloe nearly sighed in relief when the door appeared, allowing her to no longer worry about whether or not she should try to become best buds with the first year or not. Grabbing the item from the table and sizing it to fit into a pocket. She handed it to Cassius. ďKeep it safe. Iíll defend us against whatever they throw at us while you keep it safe.Ē She advised. With that, she hopped on her borrowed broom and indicated for her teammate to do the same.

Taking off, they started almost immediately with being flanked by doxies. Chloe threw up a shield charm to prevent the things from biting them, those that crashed the shield, fell, and after a couple of turns, the remaining doxies lost interest. Chloe shook her head and focused once again on the matter at hand. This was definitely not going to be a boring ride.

  • Group Three (nm)Librarian Nicchi, Sat Jan 23 07:54
    • Team Five!!!Scarlett Brockert, Fri Feb 12 20:26
      Scarlett was totally enjoying the Challenges and the fact that they were tied for first had her totally pumped! She didn't even care if she had to fly, she wasn't bad at it though it was not... more
    • Flying from the nest (Team 13 - Cass Riker) — Chloe Jareau, Fri Feb 12 13:30
    • It's so shiny! (Emilia, Team Three)John Umland, Fri Feb 12 12:51
      On a list of thoughts John had never thought he would have, hm, not bad, Park, was right up there with hm, think Iíll run naked through this tangled mass of briars and poison ivy in terms of... more
    • Off t(w)o victory!Arnold Manger, Mon Feb 8 16:12
      The good part about being team two was that they didnít have to wait long to do the challenge. The numbers were generally insignificant, mostly just a way to organize the different teams without... more
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