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Tristan Spaulding
Yes, also my uglies and my averages.
Fri Feb 12, 2016 18:19

Tristan was feeling pretty good about today, pretty confident. They were doing horribly but this challenge was theirs . He'd noticed that the teams were not exactly all equal in terms of skills, like his was strong in flying while Kira's, for example....not so much. He felt a little sorry for her and there were certainly other teams that Tristan would not mind Kira's beating such as Leo's-his kid sister beating his roommate would be immensely satisfying and kind of funny- or one of the teams he didn't have any close relatives on. However, his team was more important.

Unfortunately, the team his was tied with, Portia Dobson's, was also athletically strong even though Portia herself was not. Tristan was not unrealistic enough to assume they were going to go up to first place-even though it would be nice-and well, pulling ahead of them was the first step.

Then again, maybe they'd both climb up in the rankings, but his team more so. Tristan didn't really care that much about any of the other teams and where they placed in the end, just so long as it was behind his and Nellie didn't get upset about wherever hers ended up.

And if he had to lose to someone else, he'd rather it be her at least.

He joined the rest of his team, broom in hand. Every chance Tristan got, he rode it even though he didn't play Quidditch. And now he had a brand new one that he'd been breaking in, the old ones borrowed by many of his cousins. Scarlett had totally gone over his head with that and written to his mother to send them. He'd almost refused to let her have one because of that and because her team was tied for first. Instead, he'd given her one of the older ones.Then Tristan had lent Chaslyn and Kira his better ones, though Kira appeared to have forgotten it. Silly girl, he was trying to help her and she forgot the blasted broom! The seventh year shook his head.

When Tristan heard the day's challenge instructions, he felt slightly irritated. It was not what he'd been expecting, not what he'd had them practice for-naturally requesting practice for the upcoming to -focusing mostly on the theory of it being a relay race that he'd been so certain about. He loathed being wrong almost as much as losing.

Still, this was not something that they couldn't do. In fact, that they'd use Defense made it even better for them, because it was something Tristan excelled at personally.

Before he could say anything, Sammy spoke up, as she had a tendency to do. He had to admit that he rather liked her as a teammate despite her background, lack of manners and propriety. Those were qualities he wanted in a girl he married, but here it was all about winning and she...had that desire and that was a total plus. "Sounds good, why don't you take Mr. Miller with you and I'll take Mr. Fintoc with me, and then Mr. Westley and Miss Cooper-Fleming will work together on the ground?"

OOC-The title is not commentary about what Tristan or I thinks of anyone's looks.

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    Despite their position tied for second to last, Sammy walked in today pretty excited. She loved flying. It was so much fun, everything she had hoped that magic would be. You got to soar in the air... more
    • Yes, also my uglies and my averages. — Tristan Spaulding, Fri Feb 12 18:19
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