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Scarlett Brockert
Team Five!!!
Fri Feb 12, 2016 20:26

Scarlett was totally enjoying the Challenges and the fact that they were tied for first had her totally pumped! She didn't even care if she had to fly, she wasn't bad at it though it was not something girls were encouraged to do, even though pretty much her general impression of family's beliefs with regards to WAIL itself was that the logic behind it was flawed and that making sports a political issue was a waste of time when there were so many more important things to worry about. She didn't know what those specific things were but sports certainly seemed a trivial enough thing to her. It would be like making being any other hobby a political issue.

Besides, even if it had been encouraged, Scarlett would never have had the patience to get good at it anyway. She lacked any sort of real drive in life and found herself losing interest in things. She got the urge to try something, did, and then went on to the next thing. Everything was a new experience and Scarlett loved new experiences and that's how she was approaching the Challenges. Winning was just icing on the cake.

Of course, she didn't have her own broom. For flying lessons, she had, as had Savannah and most of her cousins,borrowed one of Tristan's. As Scarlett knew that he wouldn't keep so many here and had gotten a new one for the holidays, she'd written to Aunt Alice and asked to please send them so they could borrow them. Her aunt had obliged though Tristan had been none too pleased about Scarlett not asking him first and insisted on deciding who got to borrow what broom himself. He was probably just jealous that they were all beating him other than Kira and that Scarlett's team was tied for first.

As a result, she had his oldest broom from like, his first year or something. Still, that made it only like six years old and Tristan was the sort of person who kept all his brooms serviceable and in good condition.

Anyway, her cousin's old broom in hand, Scarlett fairly bounced down to the portrait of Tauvarius Mims, the old grump who kept track of house points whom she usually tried her best to avoid when she was sneaking around. She had no clue what they'd be doing but she was up for anything.

And when the Mirage Chamber opened, she could barely contain herself. It was a room that seemed impenetrable by any ordinary means and only got opened once in a great while. What an amazing opportunity! This seemed like a once in a lifetime thing.

Then she saw the maze inside. Cool! What fun this would be! She wasn't even at all disappointed when Gia and Barnaby asked for the ground option. Flying through a maze with obstacles in the Mirage Chamber was likely one of those things Scarlett would never have another chance to do.

She nodded in agreement with Ji-Eun's instructions and waited with Jessica until it was their turn. When it came, the fourth year turned to her teammate and said with a big smile on her face. "Let's go!"

Scarlett mounted her broom, daring to even ride it astride rather than the more ladylike way. It was quite frankly easier. She rode for a bit with Jessica wondering when exactly she was going to get to an actual obstacle. That's when they came to a group of colorful flowers, full of patterns and designs. An interesting change in scenery but how could it be an obstacle?


A putrid smelling gob of green slime came flying at her from an orange flower with yellow polka dots. She just narrowly avoided it only for an ice cold blue blob to hit her square in the back. "Ahh!" Scarlett squealed. It was so cold that it was actually painful like being hit with a little bit of Antartica. To make matters worse it was impossible to warm up as it meant turning around and while she wasn't the worst flyer she certainly wasn't one of the best. She certainly fall. She didn't think Jessica necessarily knew warming charms either being that the Aladren was only a first year.

She could only hope to be hit with an excedingly warm blob in approximately the same place and looked around for a flower that happened to be spitting red ooze....

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