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I think the Puberty Monster is trying to attack. (Team 13)
Fri Feb 12, 2016 21:35

Owen felt tremendous relief when Chloe not only agreed to let him stay on the ground but paired him with Jemima as well. Honestly, it would be nice to win, but when it came down to it, he cared far more about not getting sick and being with his friend. Both of which would actually help them as well.

As they sat in the hall, Jemima squeezed his hand and Owen's face flooded with happiness. He wished they could keep doing that because it felt really nice not just to have the comfort and reassurance but general. He very badly wanted to hang on.

But at least they got to be together the whole way through and that was definitely nice. Owen really did cherish every second they spent together, no matter what they were doing or who else. Even in flying lessons when they'd first met and neither was that enthusiastic about the class, it had been wonderful.

"Sounds great." Owen replied. They worked very very well together on creative endeavors and one might have to get creative in this situation. Plus it would keep him on task and keep him from daydreaming about finding a spot in the maze for cuddling. Or hand holding. Maybe they could do more hand holding if they were going to be alone together.

Once it was their turn to go, he went into the maze with Jemima and they came across the first object which his fellow Teppenpaw revealed in a shower of glitter. Owen shook it off his head, having no desire to be sparkly, but relived to have not accidentally inhaled any. Unfortunately, it wasn't their object.

"I hope they would be in different positions, it wouldn't be fair otherwise." Owen replied. "I would think the best way to do it is to like, move each group's object to the same place to make it equal for everyone. Why don't we use Point Me to go towards the next one?" He cast the spell "Left." He turned in the appropriate direction, subconsciously reaching for Jemima's hand...

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    • I think the Puberty Monster is trying to attack. (Team 13) — Owen, Fri Feb 12 21:35
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