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Duncan Brockert
It's not that bad.
Fri Feb 12, 2016 22:17

Duncan was, once again, somehow blessed with good luck, with his team being tied for first place. He was beginning to feel sort of bad about it actually. While he had to study the same as anyone else and probably didn't do more or less that most people, minus Aladrens who really adored studying, things seemed to fall into his lap without him honestly caring enough about getting them. Except the friends part, which was quite nice but happened in quite a lackadaisical manner. While he genuinely was happy with things, Duncan sometimes worried about people who tried hard for them resenting him. It was probably a good thing that nobody seemed to notice this and that he'd never beaten out anyone who cared about being beaten. Okay, yea, if someone really wanted to win, they might be displeased but they had to resent his teammates and Ji-Eun and hers just as much. Or at least Ji-Eun as much.

He didn't feel bad about having to fly himself. Yeah, Duncan disliked pain so he never really wanted to do anything with potential to cause it. However, he was an okay flyer, though he figured Tobias and possibly Brandon were better at it. He was more concerned for others in this situation than himself. Particularly girls like Araceli and Serena who seemed to not be the sort to enjoy that sort of thing.

So Duncan was less than surprised when the former spoke up to mention she'd be more help on the ground after Joe mentioned being willing to basically do whatever. "All right, well then, I'll stay on the ground with you." This totally had little to do with strategy and more to do with his preference for Araceli's company. "And Brandon, why don't you take Joe and Izzy while Sylvetta goes with Tobi." That would work out the best.

"However,"Duncan went on,"if someone else really has a strong opinion on not flying I'm all right switching." Since his current plan to go on the ground was based purely on his friendship with Araceli and not a distaste for flying, he could be in one of the other groups if he had to. He didn't want to force anyone to fly if they had a fear of heights or some medical issue he didn't know about or just plain were completely unathletic and disliked sports or bad at DADA or had skills better used on the ground. Not because it would be a better way to achieve their goal or maintain their lead-that would only be a bonus-but because he really didn't want people to feel bad.

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    • It's not that bad. — Duncan Brockert, Fri Feb 12 22:17
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