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Emery Kijewski-Jareau
Just walking along. (Team Three - Laura Song)
Fri Feb 12, 2016 23:55

Emery had no idea what he had done that had put him as the lead of this team. It was clear that Jamie and John did not like each other and their little digs at one another under their breaths or the roll of their eyes or whatever reaction they did towards one another was growing rather tiresome to Emery. They didn’t have to like one another, Emery didn’t care about that, but they could be more mature and set their differences aside for each challenge. After that, they could do whatever it was that they wanted. Emery didn’t know either of them well enough to know what the underlying issue was. If it was Quidditch, that was just ridiculous considering it was an off season and they were now on the same team. He half wondered if it was about some girl that they were fighting over, but Emery had no idea who that could be. He wasn’t really on the up and up regarding Fourth and Fifth years.

He was glad though that Emilia seemed okay with working with John. If she had objected, Emery would have simply taken her place. He wasn’t great on brooms, but he was great at Defense, so that would have been enough to get them through. He didn’t want her to feel absolutely obligated to fly if she really didn’t want to. But since she made no objections to his pairing, Emery took that to mean that flying was fine by her. On top of that, he trusted her more with John than with Jamie. That wasn’t because of John’s house or anything, but because of the rumors he had heard about the Pecari. That he was arrogant and a hot head. Emery worried that Jamie’s self preservation would lead to injury of whoever he was partnered with and he was less likely to be a gentlemen then John would be. Or, so Emery hoped.

On the ground, Emery grabbed the map from the room as soon as the door appeared. Lauren was his partner, so he hoped she enjoyed games like this. “It looks like the first item isn’t too far from here.” Emery indicated on the map. He used his wand for the ‘point me’ spell so that he knew which way North would be. He nodded his head to Lauren and began the trek to the first item.

The item ended up being a small box suspended in midair. It was too high for him to reach just by standing on his tip toes and they were already told that accio wouldn’t work on these items. Finite incantantem seemed to work though and the box dropped from the sky and straight into his hands. Wanting to make sure that they were partners instead of him simply taking the lead and leaving her out, Emery held out the box to her. “Do you want to do the honors?” He highly doubted that the first item they found would be the item with their team number on it, but if the rest of them were as easy as this one was, maybe it wouldn’t take forever until they finally did stumble upon their specific item… At least, he could dream, anyway.

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    • Just walking along. (Team Three - Laura Song) — Emery Kijewski-Jareau, Fri Feb 12 23:55
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