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Gabe Valenti
Towards the light?
Sun Feb 14, 2016 21:53

Gabe was glad for the red light emitting from his wand - it was the perfect cover for the blush that flashed across his face. This was supposed to be his moment - and here he was barely crawling on his broom and making things hard for his teammate. Luckily, Clark was good on a broom and didn’t seem fazed by the first year’s error.

His eyes lit up and he was about to open his mouth and ask Clark if he thought that the mysterious light could possibly come from a dragon when he decided that that was probably not the Grown Up thing to do. Internally Gabe sighed. He had wanted to see a dragon since he’d gotten his wand with dragon heartstring and discovered that they were real in the first place. He bet that by fifth year, dragons were a commonplace, like squirrels in the normal world, or something. Clark was probably very unimpressed with dragons by now, and by proxy would be unimpressed with anyone over-excited to see them.

“Guess we should explore, and quick,” he agreed. Leaning forward on his broom, he darted in the opposite direction of The Ominous Light. He held his body inches above the broom, knees slightly bent, eyes facing forward behind his ski goggles. The air rushed against his cheeks as he gained speed, faster, faster. A smile began to grow on his face, this was his favorite part of flying.

Pulling his broom up and to the right, he came to an abrupt halt. There was a fork in the maze, and Yogi Berra’s famous words to “take it” didn’t do Gabe much good right now. To the left was a dark path, he didn’t see much down there. To the right he saw some flashing light, and - could it be? - a door! Was it theirs? How awesome would it be to find it so quickly?

“Hey Clark!” he exclaimed to the older boy, “Wanna go left? Even if it’s not ours, maybe it will help us get oriented, and - woah!” he exclaimed as a small, jewel-shelled creature crawled out of said path, and promptly shot fire at him. Gabe only narrowly dodged the shot as he jutted his broom left. The fire blast was small, and wouldn’t severely roast him, he didn’t think. It was certainly a smaller light than The Ominous Light they had encountered before. Which was good, because there wasn’t much room to move around in the path, and Gabe didn’t think he was about to learn any extinguishing charms anytime soon. He’d just have to be fast enough to dodge the little pests, or hope Clark had his back.

Gritting his teeth he moved forward - speed was of the essence. He was pretty sure his broom had been charmed not to be flammable, but he certainly wasn’t. The jeweled shells of the crabs shone brightly in the ruby light from his wand as he weaved between the pests. He practiced his Woollongong Shimmy, zig-zagging left and right, up and down as fast as he could, so as to throw off the aim of the creatures below. All of the practicing, all the hours on his broom had led to this moment. The passageway was warm from the heat, drops of sweat forming on his brown between the brim of his lucky baseball cap and his white ski goggles. What Gabe wouldn’t do for an ice cream sundae in a moment like this.

“Woo!” he pumped a fist in the air as he made it through the living obstacle course, and approached the door. Only now did he notice his heart pounding against his chest, his knuckles white and tightly wrapped around his wand. The chubby boy, who ambled about on the ground, had made it with just a small scorch on his gym shorts. This. Was so. Awesome.

Emma and Mattie were never going to believe this. And Ma was definitely never going to hear about this. Maybe he’d tell Dad. One day. Years from now.

“So?” he asked Clark breathlessly and filled with excitement, “This us?”

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    "Ready," Clark confirmed and followed Gabe through the portal into the (very dark) room with the map. Gabe used his wand to light the way, and Clark nodded in approval. Over the past fifteen years or ... more
    • Towards the light? — Gabe Valenti, Sun Feb 14 21:53
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