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Professor Taransay
I laugh in the face of danger! [COMC Advanced Class]
Fri Dec 30, 2016 09:00

The downside of introducing people to magical creatures in a classroom setting was definitely the fact that Rory now had to consider health and safety. Whilst on his wild adventures with Matthias Gould, safety had been occasionally sacrificed for opportunities, leading to the odd accident, an impressive collection of scars, and finally an unfortunate end to their gallivanting. But danger was something that came with the job, and Matthias and Rory had known this. Risk-free magical creatures tended to be the boring ones, and Rory wasn’t one for boring.

However, being responsible for a group of students meant that Rory had to consider situations a little more carefully. He wanted to provide his students with the opportunity to discover every animal possible, but this wasn’t always practical. It was hardest with his advanced students, who had covered a lot of the safer animals. Rory based his lessons vaguely on the classifications set by the British Ministry of Magic (he was, after all, a British wizard), and that should mean that his advanced students tackled the most dangerous creatures. Unfortunately, that meant it was more difficult to escape theory lessons, especially for the particular creature Rory had decided to cover next. However, with the help of some of his colleagues, he had come up with the ideal solution.

Lethifolds were considered to be very dangerous creatures. Rory had only encountered one once in the wild, and suffice to say it was a memory he didn’t particularly care to revisit (and had left him with an uneasy feeling whenever he saw a meringue). However, they were magical creatures, and were on his syllabus, so his advanced class were due to learn about them. All but two of his students were in Advanced DADA, and he’d spoken to Alfie about his plans. The other professor had assured him that he could reasonably expect the DADA students to produce an at least non-corporeal patronus, and that the non-DADA students had definitely learnt the theory behind the patronus charm, even if their attempts at production hadn’t been successful.

When his students arrived, he immediately informed them that they were relocating, leading them to Cascade Hall and through the portrait of Tavarius Mims to the Mirage Chamber. The room appeared to be a rainforest at night: the perfect conditions for Lethifolds, which could be discovered gliding creepily amongst the foliage.

“Okay, so recently we have been discussing Lethifolds,” Rory reminded his class, bringing their attention back to him. “Unfortunately it’s considered irresponsible for me to put you in real danger, so here in the Mirage Chamber we shall be encountering fake Lethifolds. Can anyone remind me of the only spell that can protect against them?” Rory paused for an answer, and awarded house points to the correct student.

“Now, Professor Pye informs me that you have all studied the basics of patronus charms. Those of you studying Advanced DADA may have a slight advantage over those who do not, so I would like you to get into pairs, making sure those who do not study Advanced DADA are paired with someone who does. Does that make sense?” He waited in case there were any requests for clarification before continuing.

“Okay, it’s time to put what you’ve learnt into practice. Don’t forget that your homework is to write an essay on Lethifolds - use your experiences to inform your writing. So go and defeat your Lethifolds!”

The Lethifolds in the room were not real and, as such, were less powerful than the actual creature. They would not actually have a physical effect, and they required less force to be defeated. Rory was, as ever, on hand to step in if a situation looked like it was getting out of hand, and he was hoping that his pairing instructions would mean that even students unable to produce a patronus would benefit from the experience.

OOC: Information on Lethifolds can be found here: . Normal posting and class rules apply, remember to make patronus abilities realistic, and Rory is on hand to help if asked or needed. He will be there if any students have any sort of serious problems.

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