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Olivier Westley, Crotalus
I laugh in the face of morons.
Fri Dec 30, 2016 18:56

Being a twin was the easiest thing Olivier had ever had to do. Or, at least, it once was. He’d known his role as Lena’s twin (and big brother if only by a few minutes) was to protect her from the true evils of the world. The horrible sounds from his beloved piano teacher still echoed in his head from time to time and there were days where he thought he might have still been in love with her. But he was older now, he was no longer a jaded little child, he was a jaded adolescent, a young adult, and he knew that no matter the rosy picture their parents wanted to paint, the world was not a nice place. How could it be when terrible things happened to good people?

At least Clark Dill, as suspicious as he was, seemed to be somewhat of a decent person. He was an Aladren, which was good—if he’d been a Teppenpaw or a Pecari Olivier didn’t know if he’d be able to handle it. Teppenpaws were naive and idiotic, Pecaris brash and idiotic. There wasn’t a bad thing Olivier could say about Aladren House—Lena was an Aladren after all, and since he himself was in Crotalus and he had a rather high opinion of his abilities and attributes anyone who shared that house with him had to have some decent qualities even if they didn’t display his superior intellect.

In fact, on the subject of houses, there was only one person in all of Sonora that Olivier had met so far who he’d been impressed with and that was Diana Carey. There was something in the confident way she carried herself, something in her manner of speaking that indicated to Olivier she was more than just a brain dead, pureblooded simpering idiot like so many of his other classmates. Diana Carey had something more to her and that intrigued him. It was for this reason that, along with Lena and Clark, Olivier had sent her a candygram as well. Their conversation and turn about the dance floor at the Midsummer Ball the previous year had stuck in his mind and as insipid conversations usually did not stick with Olivier, he decided this must have meant something.

This impression meant that there were now only two people in the entirety of Sonora who he actually wanted to work with. As his twin, Lena was automatically granted privileges others would be hard pressed to receive, but Diana Carey had unwittingly wandered into them and he almost, sort of, begrudgingly respected her for that. However, however, Olivier was not allowed to work with either student that day. Professor Taransay had asked for those students who were in both Advanced Defense and Advanced Care of Magical Creatures to partner with those who had skipped out on the only class which taught them basic survival. Olivier did not want to do this. He thought that people who didn’t feel like learning Defense were complete simpletons whose presence he didn’t want to have to deal with—what kind of idiot thought it was a good idea to skip out classes which taught them how to preserve their own life?!

Unfortunately, Olivier had never been one to show his hatred of the world outright. Perhaps this was why he was so angry—after years of holding in his anger and doing his best not to lash out, he had turned bitter. Towards everything. Perhaps some of it was his personality—after all he had been a rather angry eleven year old and there hadn’t been many traumatising events between the ages of eleven and seventeen. However, however…there had been a time where he hadn’t had any worries, there had been a time where his large smiles were genuine, where he laughed because he thought something was actually funny, where he enjoyed being silly and playing around. Olivier couldn’t remember any of those times.

Biting back derision, he approached Lionel Layne, Pecari. He was rather starved for choice—he could either work with a Teppenpaw or a Pecari and he wasn’t really sure either would be suitable as a partner against a lethifold. In all reality, working with a Teppenpaw would be the best choice for self-survival, however in the real world people weren’t that nice—Olivier was half convinced that Tobi Reinhardt (the Teppenpaw in question) was only putting on a face, similar to the one Olivier himself put on because there was no way that anyone was that…good. Despite his desires to live alone far away from the drain of humanity, Olivier knew that realistically he would have to see and interact with various people on a somewhat regular basis. He planned to stay in touch with Lena and whoever he had found for her to marry, after all, to make sure their children didn’t take after the father. So, in the long term, should he have to battle a lethifold (which was an unlikely event but not improbable) there was more of a chance that his partner (if he was even around someone else which again, unlikely but not improbable) would be more of a Pecari than a Teppenpaw because Teppenpaws weren’t real.

“Hi,” he said with a generous smile, his cheeks dimpling as he thought about his plans for later in the evening—a night alone with the piano and some of his favourite tunes. “Since you’re not in Advanced Defense I thought you might like to partner up. It’s just the Mirage Chamber so nothing bad will happen but just in case.” He gave a little shrug and smiled again. “Of course, I don’t know how many dementors you battle in your spare time—maybe you’re better at the Patronus Charm than myself!” Olivier chuckled a little at his own lame joke to indicate it was all just in jest. How he longed for his room back in Wales, far away from everyone and everything.

Soon, he thought to himself. Soon.

OOC: Information about the classmates taken from the class lists, etc. but since I know my own info was wrong there it's possible others were too and in that case, I apologise!

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