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Aiden O'Neil (Teppenpaw)
I run away.
Sun Jan 1, 2017 14:58

Care of Magical Creatures class was one of Aiden’s favorite basically because it was typically always a practical lesson and since Aiden was afflicted with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, theory lessons were far harder on him to pay attention to than practical lessons were. Plus, there was no real pressure to learn a spell or anything. Learning about creatures was also just way more fun than other lessons. He knew other lessons were important for his future, but they were just so boring sometimes.

The only thing that Aiden was currently not happy about with Care of Magical Creatures was the fact that they were currently discussing Lethifolds. Those creatures terrified Aiden! They attacked while a person was asleep and devoured them! He didn’t understand why such a thing even existed! Of course, there were a lot of questions he had in that general topic, but that was more of a religious question about things rather than one meant for Care of Magical Creatures. But even so, they were hideous and he found no purpose for them what so ever.

That day things seemed to be switching up because Professor Taransay informed them that they would not be studying in the classroom. Instead, he took them to the Mirage Chamber. The last time that Aiden was in the Mirage Chamber was the year that they had done the challenges. He knew that it used the same sort of magic that the MARS rooms used so that it could transform into whatever you wanted, but it was still a sight to see to walk through the threshold and find himself in a rainforest in the middle of the night. The last time he was here, it had been daylight and a giant maze had been in front of him.

He stood nervously with the rest of the class as he listened to Professor Taransay discuss what the lesson would be about today and as he heard the word ‘Lethifold’, Aiden’s heart dropped. He was supposed to go seek one out (fake or not, they were still terrifying!) and then attempt to do one of the most difficult spells he had ever had to do before (and he still had trouble with it as he could only manage something thicker than a wisp, but not much more than that) to fend it off? Plus he had to do it with another classmate watching him?

This was a catastrophe!

Aiden was rethinking his whole thought process of how much he enjoyed Care of Magical Creatures due to this lesson. Why couldn’t they study something cooler like dragons? They were scary but in an awesome way. Lethifolds were just… frightening.

While the rest of the class seemed to move and figure out partners, Aiden stood still trying to get his heart to stop hammering in his chest and for his palms to not be so sweaty. He felt like he was having a panic attack because of this lesson and if that were to happen there was no way he was going to be able even get a mist for the Patronus and then he would fake die.

He was working out his calming mantra when he was approached and spoken too. Aiden turned to the person and frowned, “Pardon?” He asked, having missed everything that they had spoken. “I was thinking about something and missed what you said.”

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        • That will come in very handy about... NOWAraceli, Sat Jan 14 05:19
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            • Feeling undeservingAraceli, Wed Jan 25 19:15
              “Thank you,” Araceli said, sincerely but somewhat abashedly, her cheeks glowing a little red, once the Lethifold had safely been repelled. “I-I suppose they make me panic, a bit,” she added. It was,... more
    • I run away. — Aiden O'Neil (Teppenpaw), Sun Jan 1 14:58
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