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Araceli Arbon, Crotalus
I panic (tag Clark)
Tue Jan 3, 2017 16:07

Araceli had always loved animals. They also seemed to usually like her, which she found to be generally encouraging. Animals were more straightforward than people - if you had a good heart, they tended to respond well to you. Animals didn’t judge you or try to manipulate or take advantage of you. The fact that animals tended to like her was also therefore a positive endorsement and much needed ego boost. It meant she was good - the opposite of what she often felt after all the lies she’d been embroiled in.

Unfortunately, advanced Care of Magical Creatures was a little more… intense. She had missed a lot of the more pleasant intermediate animals when she’d been at CASMA, and Delphine had got to have them instead. Apparently, they hadn’t generally taken well to her, unsurprising given that she was a physical embodiment of mistrust and deception. Her sister had put on a brave face in the class, done her best to be enthusiastic about the animals, and make beautiful sketches, show the passion and excitement for them she was supposed to feel as Araceli, but any time they’d had to get close and hands on, it had often been apparent the animals didn’t exactly feel the same way. It had been easier with dozy creatures with Nifflers, who were more interested in gold than people, and ok with some animals that were a bit edgy with everyone. Delphine had faked illness during any practical lessons with Kneazles.

She followed the rest of the class down to the Mirage Chamber with a sinking heart. They’d been discussing Lethifolds in class, and so it was a fairly easy guess as to what they’d be seeing in here… At least they wouldn’t be real, but she didn’t understand why she was seeing them in this class. This was called Care of Magical Creatures. No one wanted to care for Lethifolds. They just wanted to keep them at bay. That sort of creature belonged in Defence Against the Dark Arts. Which, to be fair, she also took, so it wasn’t that she was totally adverse to dangerous subject matter, she just didn’t want it here. This was meant to be a happy place.

As the class was started, she found herself gravitating towards Clark, in spite of the Professor’s directions for Defence students to pair with non-Defence ones. There were more who did both anyway, so clearly there were allowed to be some pairs of both. It was a somewhat subconscious decision, but she did know that she liked Clark. She wasn’t entirely sure why, or where it had come from. It was all a bit silly really, she supposed. They’d had a little exchange here or there, like when she checked out books and he was on library duty. She knew that Clark could never be anything to her, and perhaps that made it safer and easier to daydream beyond those encounters and to expand them into more than they really had been, because she knew that she would never have to face the reality of a more intimate relationship with him, and therefore did not have to run the risk of being let down and disappointed. Relating to her ideals of a person was much, much easier than actually engaging with the real thing.

Not that she liked him romantically. But he was such a kind and gentle person. She thought that people who had those traits were often undervalued and deserved to have them acknowledged more. It was why she had sent him the candycane last year. She had thought about trying to explain on it that she wasn’t trying to court him or appear romantic but that had seemed too rambly and strange to put on the candycane note, and so she had just left it plain and simple, and hoped it wouldn’t cause misinterpretation or embarrassment. He already had a girlfriend, and she didn’t want to cause upset between people who were happy together.

But now, as she felt threatened and endangered, she gravitated towards the person who made her feel safe. Her reasons for liking Clark may have not cast him in the strongest, most masculine light, they may not have made him a likely hero to fight off Lethifolds. But she trusted him. She trusted him to be caring and careful, which were characteristics she had been able to ascribe to very few people in her life, and even fewer men.

“M-may I work with you please?” she asked Clark politely, already edging slightly closer to him, not quite at so extreme an angle as back to back, but certainly at a degree that gave them a greater scope of vision. She wasn’t quite sure how they were meant to work as a pair on the project, other than just by being extra eyes for each other. And it being more comforting to be with someone, which probably helped with being in the right state of mind for a patronus.

“Expecto patronum!” she jumped, before Clark had had a chance to reply, at a Lethifold that was still a few too many feet away to really be considered a threat. A silver spray burst from her wand, the head and shoulders of a skittish fawn briefly rising from the mist, but it petered out before it reached the lethifold, which merely continued to glide towards a different pair. “S-sorry… I… I guess that was um, unnecessary,” she apologised, and not very good anyway she mentally added.

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