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Lionel Layne, Pecari
Less dangerous than laughing in the face of danger.
Mon Jan 9, 2017 20:39

Lionel’s family had been puzzled by his decision not to take Defense Against the Dark Arts after his CATS. Lionel did not know why. He was a wizard of unimportant family and mediocre magical and intellectual skill and the odds of anyone ever seriously wishing to practice the Dark Arts on him were slim to none so long as he remained smart enough not to get entangled with his cousin’s in-laws. Since he thought he was going to remain that smart for a pretty long time, Defense would have therefore just been a difficult class tacked on for the prestige, which Lionel, being of unimportant family and mediocre talents, did not much need. Defense was not something he was going to have a lot of practical uses for in his life.

Or, to be more specific, his life outside Sonora. Somehow, the minute Professor Taransay reminded the class that they had been discussing lethifolds in class, Lionel knew that this was one of those occasions where Defense Against the Dark Arts could have helped him out. He had to grin when the professor prefaced a comment about not being allowed to put the students in mortal danger with the word ‘unfortunately’; whether he was serious or not, he definitely had a touch of Pecari in him.

He didn’t grin long, though. The setting was creepy, and not just because it was dark, foggy, and presumably full of things that would make convincing-looking attempts to kill him in the near future. There was something just a little unsettling about just how adaptable and how realistic this room was; the last time Lionel had seen it, it had been a maze, and now it was a rainforest. Or at least it looked like one. The fact it was called the Mirage Chamber made him think the room might just be messing with his head. Interesting, fun, but a little unsettling if one thought about it too long. Lionel decided not to think about it too long.

Before he could look for a partner, one presented himself. Olivier Westley, Crotalus, the one with the sister who had worn the…interesting…dress to the Ball last year. Lionel guessed it made him a bit of a jerk that the first thing he thought about when he thought about Lena Westley was what she’d worn to the Ball last year, but he was not sure how he could avoid it. He was, however, positive that he shouldn’t mention it to her brother.

Olivier was, he thought, an interesting one. He was always smiling, charming-looking, but as far as Lionel could tell, he had no close friends. Of course, that was true of a lot of Crotali – the best of them were reserved, the worst paranoid; his cousin hadn’t had close friends, either – but Isaac, for instance, hadn’t smiled so much. Or maybe Lionel was just comparing Isaac to his older sister; compared to Alicia, everyone probably looked disinclined to smiling.

“It’s the state hobby in South Carolina,” said Lionel, joking back about his lethifold-battling experience. “But you know, it’s a team sport, so sure,” he added. “Suppose we should yell when we see one and both have at it?” he asked, raising his wand.

  • I laugh in the face of morons. Olivier Westley, Crotalus, Fri Dec 30 18:56
    Being a twin was the easiest thing Olivier had ever had to do. Or, at least, it once was. He’d known his role as Lena’s twin (and big brother if only by a few minutes) was to protect her from the... more
    • Less dangerous than laughing in the face of danger. — Lionel Layne, Pecari, Mon Jan 9 20:39
      • Morons are the true danger of the world.Olivier, Thu Jan 19 00:42
        Olivier laughed at Lionel’s joke, it was the sort of thing he might have found funny if a Pecari hadn’t been the one to say it and so he supposed that the laughter that left his mouth was almost... more
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