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Clark Dill, Aladren
I try to help others
Fri Jan 13, 2017 15:41

If Clark had been going to drop a class, it probably would have been Creatures. Life sciences were neither his strength nor his passion, but he had been able to drop enough clubs to keep all his classes without too much stress, and Creatures just kept getting more interesting the higher level you got, so he was glad he was still here. The current unit was Lethifolds, which were pretty creepy, but Clark slept well knowing they were a solid hemisphere away from him.

He was glad, therefore, when Professor Tarnasay instructed them to follow him to the mirage chamber because that meant nobody was mad enough to bring a thing of that risk level anywhere near teenagers. Clark really liked the Mirage Chamber and was of the personal opinion that it did not get utilized often enough. Here was basically Wizard VR: all the learning opportunities, none of the danger, And wizard reality had a terrible amount of danger in it that ought to be explored virtually, where it was safe to do so.

As the professor went over the details of the lesson- what few details there were- Clark was vaguely aware of Araceli moving closer, but had mostly dismissed it as her trying to get a better view of something or other in the chamber. His own eyes kept getting drawn toward the shadows of the tropical environment, knowing there were lethifolds out there, fake or not.

Clark had no desire to be fake-consumed today.

Consequently, he was a bit surprised when Araceli asked to partner him for the lesson. Then a shadow made her jump and cast her patronus at a lethifold that was a bit too far away to trouble or be troubled by them. She apologized for her jumpiness and Clark shook his head, smiling reassuringly, "No, it's fine. Better safe than sorry, especially with these things."

He didn't have a clear memory of drawing his wand, but it was in his hand now, so he pointed out toward the trees surrounding them, watching for another gliding shadow to approach. "They usually attack sleeping prey, so I don't know if we want to pretend to nap to draw one into an ambush, or just wait for one to get too close."

Another one moved in their direction and Clark tracked it with his wand, waiting to see if it came within range, "Though there seem to be enough of them that ambushes may be unnecessary."

The creature moved within ten feet of them and Clark stuck his wand toward it, bringing to mind his First Drive in His Own Car memory, the feel of freedom and accomplishment, for having a license at 16 and the transformation of a broken down car he'd bought with his own money and gotten working with his own two hands. It had been a good day, a day that stood out almost as a rite of passage. And dad had treated him to a waffle cone.

"Expecto Patronum!" he cast and a silvery white mist shot out of his wand and coalesced into a corporeal patronus. This might have made him feel prouder of himself if its form had been something fierce or protective like a lion or a bear or, most ideally, a hawk like Aladren's mascot, but it wasn't. No, that nearby lethifold was chased away by a semi-transparent glowing giraffe.

He glanced over at Araceli to see what she made of his protector's form as it dissipated into the more mundane tropical mist of the rainforest. "It's tall," he said, a little defensively, not quite sure if this was supposed to be an explanation for how it represented him, or a way to justify how it might be construed as vaguely intimidating to anything it was supposed to protect him from.

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    • I try to help others — Clark Dill, Aladren, Fri Jan 13 15:41
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            “Thank you,” Araceli said, sincerely but somewhat abashedly, her cheeks glowing a little red, once the Lethifold had safely been repelled. “I-I suppose they make me panic, a bit,” she added. It was,... more
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