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That will come in very handy about... NOW
Sat Jan 14, 2017 05:19

“Thanks,” she said quietly, and with a slight smile, as Clark reassured her that her actions hadn't been totally ridiculous and laughable. It said a good deal about how low she had been forced to set her baselines for positive human interactions that not laughing in her face counted as such with her. Not that she had thought Clark would. Clark was too nice.

“I would prefer to just wait,” she ventured, when Clark asked what they ought to do. The thought of closing her eyes and attempting to bait a Lethifold was not a very appealing one. For all that she trusted Clark, and knew that this wasn't real, it didn't seem sensible. She'd grown up around enough magic to know how dangerous it could be, and that taking unnecessary risks was not a good course of action. Clark seemed to reach this conclusion too, though his assumption that there were enough Lethifolds that they were bound to be targeted sooner or later didn't exactly make her jump for joy.

It's not real. It's not real, she repeated the mantra over and over again in her head but it was hard not to feel a little prickle on the back of her neck, and to keep scanning all around. It was Clark, however, who was closest when one began gliding their way, and who quickly produced a perfect corporeal patronus.

She smiled at it, not just because it had protected them from the Lethifold, but because there was something charming about it, long limbed yet galloping gracefully. She had always thought giraffes were beautiful creatures. Not that she planned on telling Clark that. A patronus was a very intimate part of a witch or wizard. It was a representation of their soul. Certainly, one should never insult another person's patronus, that would be the height of rudeness, but to compliment it in such a way seemed far too personal.

It's tall.

She wasn't sure what to make of Clark's comment. Was she imagining a hint of something like irritation in his voice? She was startled. She didn't think of Clark as an irritable person, and she wasn't sure what she might have done to induce such an emotion. However, she was far too used to being on the other end of people's displeasure to conclude that she might merely be imagining or misreading his emotion.

“Um. Yes,” she hedged nervously. As conversations went, it was bizarre even by her standards... Giraffes are tall. Yes. But she wasn't really sure what else to say. She couldn't talk about how graceful or sweet or gentle she thought it was, or how she liked it much more than some fierce and roaring beast, because that was like telling Clark he had a graceful, gentle or sweet soul, or a soul that she liked, and even the thought of saying such a thing made her ears burn with embarrassment. When she had done it with the candycane note, she hadn't been nearly so intimate in her compliments, and she had had the benefit of anonymity.

“It was a very well-cast patronus,” she ventured, deciding that complimenting the spell-casting was much safer territory. “You must be good at thinking happy thoughts,” she blurted before she had really thought about it. Not only was that another deeply personal subject, but it might invite unfortunate comparisons. She winced internally at the insight into her own psychology that she had inadvertently given Clark... As if to underline the point, to make sure he didn't miss that painfully personal admission, another Lethifold turned towards them at that moment. Araceli tried to focus, to screw her happiness to the sticking spot... The memory that came most easily to mind was when Makenzie had thrown her arms around her when they'd met by not-quite-chance at her family's ball. She had been disguised as her own fictional distant cousin, but Makenzie had known her, by the necklace she'd given her in their first year. Had known her and forgiven her, loved her and valued her implicitly. It had been a real heart full-to-bursting moment of happiness, although it was somewhat complicated and clouded by how closely it was tied to the rest of that mess, which still burnt a hole in her soul – the burden of carrying such a secret, of what part she had played in lying to and manipulating other people. Other people, who still didn't know, and might end up marrying her-

“Expecto patronum,” she cast, trying to just focus on the positives, the feeling of Makenzie's friendship. The start of a fawn made its appearance again. Again it petered out. The Lethifold, which had paused slightly on the appearance of the half-deer, began moving forward again.

“No... expecto- expecto patronum!” it was less powerful the second time as panic crowded into the melee of emotions, further squeezing out the space for happiness.

“Expect- oh, help!” she squeaked to Clark, as she gave up on being able to drive the thing off by herself.

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    • That will come in very handy about... NOW — Araceli, Sat Jan 14 05:19
      • Being helpful to othersClark , Wed Jan 18 15:14
        Clark felt a little bad for the criticism he had made toward his own patronus when he was reminded that Araceli didn't have a full form one of her own. It was kind of like complaining about his lunch ... more
        • Feeling undeservingAraceli, Wed Jan 25 19:15
          “Thank you,” Araceli said, sincerely but somewhat abashedly, her cheeks glowing a little red, once the Lethifold had safely been repelled. “I-I suppose they make me panic, a bit,” she added. It was,... more
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