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Being helpful to others
Wed Jan 18, 2017 15:14

Clark felt a little bad for the criticism he had made toward his own patronus when he was reminded that Araceli didn't have a full form one of her own. It was kind of like complaining about his lunch to an undernourished person. He made a note not to do it again. Giraffe or not, he was lucky that he had the memories that helped it form fully. Heck, he had must enough goodness and happiness in his past that it could not be contained in a tiny hawk or sleek tiger. No, he needed a giraffe, the tallest land creature on Earth.

On that note, he was also lucky his patronus form was, well, from Earth. It would have been mighty hard to explain if he cast the spell and got a bludger charger around trying to destroy his enemies. Clark took a moment to be grateful his dad had played Seeker instead of Beater and Snitches were intelligent beings rather than alien beasts.

The moment was shattered by Araceli trying to defend them from another Lethifold . . . and failing. Clark stepped between them, secure in his knowledge that their lives were not actually in danger. He liked to believe he would be this brave under real circumstances but lacked the genuine fear and urge for self-preservation to be able to swear it would go down like this.

"Expecto Patronum!" he cast, not quite bellowing it out, but certainly speaking the incantation at a higher volume and deeper voice than before, as the threat was more imminent and there was less room for failure. There needed to be power behind it this time, and another good memory.

He went for the big guns, the sure fire remembrance that could never fail him.

Arms wrapped around him, holding him almost too tightly and they shook just a little. "I was so worried." The voice trembled, just enough to notice. "I thought- I'm so glad you're okay."

There was a pause, a brief one while his father took in a slightly shuddering breath. "I love you, Clark," Dad said. "I love you so so much." He didn't say it often, didn't hug often, preferring to show his affection by sharing teaching moments and field trips and offering compliments. So when he did say it, when he did hug, like he did the first time Clark came home from Sonora as an Aladren, after the school had been cut off for half a year from the rest of the world, that was a big deal. That was everything.

The giraffe sprang from his wand fully formed charging down the threatening Lethifold and the mere shade of the real thing sundered under the glowing giraffe's pounding hooves.

Okay, giraffes were maybe a little bit awesome, after all.

  • That will come in very handy about... NOWAraceli, Sat Jan 14 05:19
    “Thanks,” she said quietly, and with a slight smile, as Clark reassured her that her actions hadn't been totally ridiculous and laughable. It said a good deal about how low she had been forced to set ... more
    • Being helpful to others — Clark , Wed Jan 18 15:14
      • Feeling undeservingAraceli, Wed Jan 25 19:15
        “Thank you,” Araceli said, sincerely but somewhat abashedly, her cheeks glowing a little red, once the Lethifold had safely been repelled. “I-I suppose they make me panic, a bit,” she added. It was,... more
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