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Morons are the true danger of the world.
Thu Jan 19, 2017 00:42

Olivier laughed at Lionel’s joke, it was the sort of thing he might have found funny if a Pecari hadn’t been the one to say it and so he supposed that the laughter that left his mouth was almost real. “Suppose that might alert it to where we are,” he speculated nicely. “Perhaps we ought to give some sort of gesture instead of channelling our inner William Wallace?” And he realised why it was that working with Pecaris in Defence Against the Dark Arts (and now Care of Magical Creatures, too, apparently) was not a good idea.

The one good thing about working with a partner, however, was that Olivier’s own, personal failure with the patronus charm was likely to be less noticeable as his partner might be too focused on his own happy memory to notice that Olivier himself didn’t have sufficient memories to last him. He had managed a rather weak patronus during their last patronus defence class, the non-corporeal white mist which came out of his wand had lingered seconds longer than any other patronus he’d managed to produce thus far and now, partnered with a lowly Pecari and about to face a mirage of lethifolds Olivier was actually starting to doubt himself.

Olivier had never doubted himself before. Maybe it was the dark aura of the room, maybe it was his realisation that he was inferior in one area to several of his classmates like Clark Dill who was able to produce a perfectly complete patronus. Should he give Lionel a jovial warning? He didn’t like to admit weakness, but perhaps it was the sort of thing a nice, friendly guy like Olivier Westley, Crotalus would do. Before he had a chance to make his final decision, however, a lethifold appeared and he drew on that one, sole memory which had created that burst of white light only days before.

Expecto patronum!” he cast towards the lethifold, not looking to see how well Lionel had done in fear his hadn’t matched up at all, and watched as his abstract spell dissolved before him almost as though as it was being eaten by the lethifold. His happy memory, it seemed, was tainted. The notes still lingered in his head even as his mind’s eye saw those long, pale fingers fluttering over the ivory and black keys, a tinkling laugh accompanying the pretty music as two chubby, childlike hands reached out in an attempt to join in.

“Olivier, patience,” the musical voice was saying. “You’ll have your turn soon.”

OOC: Olivier has recently gotten rather philosophical... he had several other titles he wanted to go with as well but were too long.

  • Less dangerous than laughing in the face of danger.Lionel Layne, Pecari, Mon Jan 9 20:39
    Lionel’s family had been puzzled by his decision not to take Defense Against the Dark Arts after his CATS. Lionel did not know why. He was a wizard of unimportant family and mediocre magical and... more
    • Morons are the true danger of the world. — Olivier, Thu Jan 19 00:42
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